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Printing Business

Business Forms (BF)
Business forms are documents that are pre-printed in specific formats to facilitate entry and printing. They are used in various situations in society as “vessels of information,” such as bank deposit slips from cash dispensers, life insurance policy illustrations, shipping labels for home delivery services, and credit card billing statements. As the leading company of business forms, we at Toppan Forms suggest a variety of unique business forms that we developed in pursuit of legibility, usability, and functionality.
Data Print Service (DPS)
Data print service (DPS) is a comprehensive support service in which we receive data such as customer information and create various notification forms -- including invoices, detailed statements, product information, special events, and communications – by handling all the necessary processes, from printing to the typing of characters, enclosing, sealing, and sending of documents.
At the Toppan Forms, we provide comprehensive support, from the planning of various notification forms to their design, production, and delivery. We provide optimal solutions in response to requests from our customers in an environment with a high level of security.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Toppan Forms BPO helps you achieve business improvement and enhance efficiency by analyzing your business and constructing the optimal solutions.

Merchandise Business

Office supplies
We at Toppan Forms meet customers’ needs by ensuring we provide an extensive lineup that includes OA/PC supplies and other necessary office supplies, emergency supplies which are essential for corporate disaster prevention measures, and sales promotion gifts/novelty items for pleasing customers.
Ordering of printed materials and office supplies is necessary for your daily business activities. The introduction of O-TASCARRY, Toppan Forms’ original office supply procurement system, will allow you to unify the management of procurement, from ordering to delivery, through the Internet.
Information Equipment
We offer an array of instruments and systems that are the product of our research and development, and propose the optimal solutions for each use in order to satisfy the chronic need for the simultaneous realization of high speed and accuracy in paperwork that involves the handling of a massive volume of forms.
Environment and Logistics
Today, environmental conservation is one of the urgent challenges our society must address. Toppan Forms offers many different eco-friendly products that incorporate our cultivated technology and experience. Our products will help you implement environmental measures and reduce costs.
Business Operation Management Outsourcing (temporary staffing)
We support the operation of your various businesses with our accumulated track record and technical knowhow.

ICT Business

Card Solutions
At Toppan Forms, we provide services ranging from consulting on the introduction of IC cards to the production, issuance, and delivery of cards and the sales and maintenance of card issuance systems that fit your operations. We also suggest effective services for registering your customer information, sending notifications about sales promotions, and other purposes.
RFID Solutions
At Toppan Forms, we provide you with comprehensive support for the effective use of RFID in various settings, including manufacturing, logistics, and sales, by making use of our knowledge on business flows accumulated in various industry sectors. We promote the improvement of business efficiency as a provider of comprehensive RFID solutions.
Web Solutions
Our Web Solutions support your business in multiple ways by increasing the information value of your paper media and by effectively integrating them with electronic media. We also help you create new business opportunities by supporting various devices optimized to fit market needs.
NFC Solutions
We provide, or undertake outsourced development of, products that apply near field communication (NFC) technologies (readers and writers such as embedded types and USB-type ones and NFC cards and tags). We also provide cloud-based payment platform services which make use of the technologies.