Proprietary Developed Products

Today, environmental conservation is one of the urgent challenges our society must address. Toppan Forms offers many different eco-friendly products that incorporate our cultivated technology and experience. Our products will help you implement environmental measures and reduce costs.

Product Lineup

Solution for Constant Temperature Transport


High-quality constant temperature transport for many hours is realized in the transport of frozen and refrigerated articles with MechaCool, a high-performance refrigerant that provides a solution for transport using a dedicated cool box.

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Temperature Control Traceability System

The temperature control traceability system obtains and manages temperature logs during transport to improve the quality of transport. This helps users understand the temperature status during cool storage and transport while using RFID tags attached to cool boxes.

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LED Illumination

Our substantial product lineup is tailored to the place of use, whether that be an office, plant, warehouse, store, or parking place. They help with energy saving, cost cutting through long-term use, and support for environmental measures.

High-functioning Films

Our high-functioning films include versatile high-functioning films that are durable, contamination resistance, and antibacterial; wrapping films with traceability data printed; and food films with the anti-deception function.

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