Image Filing System

Image Filing System

Image Filing System reads a large quantity of images of forms with a scanner, allowing for instant retrieval.


  • ・Reads an image of a form and the barcode (slip number) printed on the form at the same time. Also instantly retrieves an image of the form, using the barcode (slip number) as a retrieval key.
  • ・Enter a barcode (slip number). This will allow you to instantly retrieve an image of the input form.
  • ・A retrieved image can be printed and sent by email.
  • ・A scanner is capable of scanning even rather hard-to-read slips, such as delivery slips using back carbon paper and dirty slips
  • ・Slip number data can be output to a file and used in the host system (export function).
  • ・It is possible to build a client/server configuration in addition to a standalone configuration.

System Specifications

Basic components Image scanner, control computer, display monitor, DVD-RAM, and uninterrupted power supply device
Acceptable barcodes NW7, Code128, Code39 and Code93
Rejection Correction when text is illegible or the barcode is read erroneously
Retrieval Retrieval keys: Barcode and date
Function: Ambiguous retrieval (AND-retrieval)
Data output Output to a CSV file (barcode data and date)
Backup Backup on DVD-RAM

System Operating Environment

OS Windows XP Professional (SP3 or later) or Window 7 (32 bit)
CPU Intel Core i5 2.5GHz or higher
Memory 2 GB or more
Hard disc 250 GB of free space or more
Interface USB2.0

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