PASiD scan, Identification Verification Support System

PASiD scan, Identification Verification Support System

PASiD scan judges the authenticity of various types of identification documents and instantly reads all kind of data when signing a contract or opening a bank account. It supports fast and secure verification without creating any delay in the primary tasks.


  • ■Scan
  • ・Able to scan both sides of the card simultaneously when the card is inserted. It removes the trouble of photocopying cards.
  • ■Authenticity judgement
  • ・Performs highly accurate authenticity judgement based on its original algorithm. (Authenticity of a driver's license can be judged without a pin number.)
  • ・Reads data on IC chip cards such as a driver's license. (Pin number or reference number needs to be entered.)
  • ■Preparation of documents
  • ・Able to create documents using the extracted data.
  • ・Layout of document templates for record forms and application forms can be changed according to the required information.
  • ■Text production
  • ・OCR function converts the read data from the card images into text.
  • ■Saves in CSV format
  • ・Saves in CSV format, which is highly versatile and can be displayed in spreadsheet software and more.
  • ■TOPPAN FORMS' official YouTube channel
  • ・You can watch the video about PASiD scan (Japanese version only).

Main Specifications

Dimensions and weight 125 mm (width) × 145 mm (depth) ×55 mm (height), Weight: Approximately 510 g
Rated power AC100 V 50 Hz/60 Hz (AC adapter is used), Maximum 4 W
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • * PASiD scan adopts the highly accurate authenticity judgement and identification technology(Note) of Matsumura Engineering Co., Ltd. to perform authenticity judgement.
  • (Note: Highly accurate counterfeit detection technology is applied to authenticity judgment for various kinds of personal identification cards and documents.)

Supported cards

  • ■Driver's licenses
  • ■Social Security and Tax Personal Number Cards
  • ■Residence cards
  • ■Basic resident register cards
  • ■Special permanent resident certificates
  • ■Notification cards

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