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Office Supplies and Purchase Management Systems

At TOPPAN FORMS, we offer an extensive lineup of products to cater to the needs of our customers; from office automation and PC-related supplies, stationery and other office supplies requiring regular stocks, to disaster related goodsthat are essential in times of disaster or emergency; and gifts and novelty items that will delight visitors at events and campaign rallies. Meanwhile, through the introduction of our purchase management systems, we are also able to provide centralized support for the full range of work processes involved in purchasing and managing the printed items and office supplies that our customers use; from ordering to delivery and inventory management.

Product Lineup

Expendable Office Supplies

We offer various office supplies to support the creation of a comfortable working environment.
Our extensive lineup ranges from standard varieties to custom-made items, offering office supplies and consumables such as notebooks, files, copier paper, and printer toners. We will help you reduce costs and improve efficiency in business.

Supplies for BCP/CSR

It is necessary to prepare to minimize damage and ensure the quick resumption of business in emergency situations such as natural disasters. We offer emergency supplies and a variety of other supplies that take into account the environment from the viewpoint of CSR based on the corporate image of each customer.

Sales Promotion Gifts/Novelty Items

We offer unique articles for pleasing customers that are consistent with the tastes of the client company that serves them.
We support the sales promotional activities of businesses, offering items of merchandise that are useful for everyone and prepared for a specific purpose, such as giveaways for events and campaigns, sales promotion novelty items with a company name, anniversary gifts, and gifts of appreciation for valued customers.

Purchase Management Systems

O-TASCARRY is a purchase management solution created by TOPPAN FORMS based on extensive industry know-how, developed over many years of experience in manufacturing, managing and dispatching business forms.

Web to Print service

We offer an on-demand printing service adapted to the needs of customers. You can easily order the printing of business cards and other various printed materials by simply inputting a list of names or entering an address.

If any of these products or services interest you, please feel free to contact us.

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