Business Forms (BF)

Business forms are documents that are pre-printed in specific formats to facilitate entry and printing. They are used in various situations in society as "vessels of information," such as bank deposit slips from cash dispensers, life insurance policy proposals, shipping labels for home delivery services, and credit card billing statements. As the leading company of business forms, we at Toppan Forms suggest a variety of unique business forms that we developed in pursuit of legibility, usability, and functionality.

Product Lineup

General Ledger Forms

We offer an array of forms that contribute to smooth, accurate business processing.
We offer delivery slips that are essential for delivery systems required to be accurate and quick, and industry standerd slips used by department stores and mass retailers to control the process until products are delivered to their customers. The products we offer also include detailed statements, payment slips, order forms, production instructions, and delivery statements.

General ledger forms

Labels/ Adhesive Forms

We offer highly functional labels and adhesive forms that help streamline logistics.
Labels and adhesive forms, which are attached to products or packages for information display or management, are essential items for logistics. The processing technologies of Toppan Forms serve a variety of purposes, such as mass printing, high-speed printing, and instant on-site issuance of a small quantity of labels or forms.

Labels/ Adhesive forms

OCR/ OMR Forms

We offer a wide variety of handwriting forms that can be accurately read by machines.
Forms that are compatible with two types of readers are offered. One is the optical character reader (OCR), which converts images of handwritten text into machine-encoded text and imports it into a computer. The other is the optical mark reader (OMR), which is used for bubble sheets.

Mailing Forms

We offer optimal products that meet your needs. Our extensive lineup of products includes postcards and envelopes that support everyday business activities, as well as written notices, payment slips, and invoices.
Our POSTEX Series of pressure-sealed postcards allow for two to three times as much information to be provided as that on regular postcards, without the need for extra postage costs. MailOne and Big Leaf integrate the envelope with the content. We support your communication through these and other products that greatly impress recipients when they are delivered.

Mailing forms

We also offer sealers that allow you to pressure seal postcards in your office.

Security Forms

We meet your needs with security technologies for protecting information.
As measures against counterfeiting, we provide products such as Hidden Word that feature our plate-making technology and those that use special inks, such as fluorescent printing and pearl printing. These products support measures for protecting the safety and security of companies and consumers.

Security forms

Environmentally Friendly Forms

We strive to reduce the environmental impact by offering forms made from environmentally friendly materials.

Companies are pressed to devise measures for protecting the environment, such as developing a recycling-based society and low-carbon society and preserving biodiversity. In response, we offer a large number of environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of customers that seek to make green purchases while maintaining the rigorous quality standards for business forms. These products include forms made by using recycled paper, those which use paper with forest certification, and mailing products with carbon offset credits that contribute indirectly to reducing CO2 emissions.

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