Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO from Toppan Forms allows you to improve and streamline your back-office operations. We provide optimal solutions by analyzing your operations.

Service Lineup

Customer Management Service

・Customer data improvement
We improve your customer information through personal identification by telephone, managing undelivered mail that has been returned, and other operations.

・Delivery of brochures
We respond to requests for brochures made via your website, deliver invitation notes, and do other similar tasks for you. We respond immediately to requests from your customers that are made irregularly.

・Electronic document management (scanning)
We create and deliver image data for large amounts of paper documents that are required to be stored by law, as well as documents stored on microfilm.
We also support the operations which follow the digital conversion of your documents, such as the management and disposal of ledger sheets that have been converted into digital data and the development of a database of image data.

Outsourced Operations of Secretariats

We offer an outsourcing service that undertakes all the operations for the secretariat of a campaign, questionnaire surveys, or other similar operations that require for a huge amount of data to be processed within a specific time frame. These operations range from upstream processes such as the delivery of forms to downstream processes that include counting and analysis.

Outsourced Operations of Call Centers

We offer this outsourcing service by setting up a contact center on our own. At the contact center, we respond to inbound calls such as inquiries and campaign applications from your customers and make outbound calls, such as calls to handle documents not in order and provide information to customers.
We are also ready to change the staff size and make other adjustments if the number of inquiries differs by season.

Outsourced Operations of Data Entry Services

We aggregate data or create data for analysis by scanning documents such as application forms, and enter the information provided in the documents. We also ensure the accuracy of entries through verification input in which the data that has been entered by an operator is input again by another operator to improve the precision.

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