On-demand Printing

Changes in the times have resulted in a pressing need to address various challenges, such as frequent changes of contents, shorter delivery period, and the need to reduce storage costs and disposal costs. Our on-demand printing solutions realize the digitalization of contents and development of a database, and allow for printed materials with the required contents to be produced in the required number of copies, quickly and at low cost, whenever they are needed. This allows for comprehensive cost reduction.

Manuals/ Guidebooks

・Quick processing enabled by the use of digital data in hand
We use your digital data in hand directly for printing, which makes it possible to deliver printed materials much more quickly. In addition, the digital printing method we use allows for even quicker delivery because we can start processing, such as the trimming of edges and folding processing, immediately after printing.

Manuals/ guidebooks Flyers showing interest rates

Long Poster

・For creating posters that highlight their length
We provide an on-demand service of creating long posters of the desired lengths at a fixed width of 500 mm. This service is useful for creating horizontal or vertical banners, ads on trains, and other forms of advertising. (This service can also be used for creating A2-size posters.)

Long poster

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