Full-color Variable Print

The transmission of information that best fits factors such as each consumer's tastes, preferences, and lifestyles will increase their appeal significantly. The use of our variable print service enables one-to-one marketing because it permits the additional printing of appropriate messages and image contents, such as product information, based on the characteristics of each customer.

Sales Promotional DM

・Compact size with impact of appeal
We edit written content and messages so that they fit the lifestyles of each of your customers, thereby allowing for the provision of information that best suits them. We offer a wide range of DM services to choose from, which are available only from Toppan Forms, according to the amount of information or purpose of your sales promotion plan, such as the details of the information to be provided.

Sales promotional DM

Birthday DM

・Send birthday messages to your valuable customers with a sense of special hospitality.
This form of direct mail allows you to express your appreciation for a valuable customer in a straightforward manner. Direct mail designed for each of your customers makes them feel as if it were custom-made. It gives them a happy surprise, allowing you to impress them.

【Glossy postcards】
The entire surface of the postcard is printed with transparent toner and post-treated, which gives it a glossy finish.

Birthday DM

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