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At Toppan Forms, we provide Web Solutions that support your businesses by increasing the information value of your paper media by effectively integrating them with electronic media. We also help you create new business opportunities by providing solutions that are compatible with various devices optimized to fit market needs.

Service Lineup

Digital Messaging Solution (DMS)

The Digital Messaging Solution (DMS) digitalizes information you send to consumers, such as detailed statements and notifications, allowing you to provide this information via optimal electronic media for them (websites/e-mails). This service can also be applied to tasks such as the online provision of detailed statements and acceptance of applications for campaigns or events.

Electronic Document Management/Procurement Management Systems

Document management is considered to be an important risk management measure. Our electronic document management systems are capable of creating and editing Word and Excel documents in a highly precise manner, converting the electronic documents into HTML, and then processing them for disclosure. We also answer customer requests for the prompt, accurate access of documents and make it possible to search them on your Intranet.

Smart Device Solutions

Use of a system linked with the camera function of smartphones or tablets makes it easier to read certificates and applications for various procedures. This not only encourages consumers to use your services but also helps improve your business efficiency.

Smart device solutions

Personnel, Payroll, and Attendance Management Solutions

With our personnel, payroll, and attendance management solutions, we produce general operations for personnel, payroll, and attendance management in a comprehensive manner to fit your needs. Our solutions are not limited to the provision of a system, but optimize your operations in a way that is appropriate for your budget/needs, industry/business category, business size, and business customs. We provide optimal solutions by also considering ways to link between systems.

Web Marketing

Web marketing helps tackle the issues you face and achieve your goals with a comprehensive project proposal and production system, including the use of paper media for effectively directing traffic to your website and cross-media marketing.

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