Card Solutions

We respond to customer needs by providing an array of solutions. These include Smart cards, or plastic cards equipped with IC chips that are used in various fields for personal authentication or as data carriers. There are also contact Smart cards, which are being introduced in the financial sector as a countermeasure against skimming, and contactless Smart cards that are used widely for electronic payment, public transport, and IDs. Further, we also offer contact and contactless Smart cards that can be used in a variety of ways.

Product and Service Lineup

We provide a wide variety of products that take advantage of our expertise in processes from production to the issuance of Smart cards.

Card Media

Smart Cards
We respond to customer needs with card media compatible with various IC chips and the latest technologies.
Plastic Cards
These are most common plastic cards. We offer various cards such as PVC cards and PET-G cards.
Membership/Reward Cards and Quick Membership Cards
We offer an array of membership cards that can be issued easily and at low cost. We provide various services, including the creation of application forms and punch input


Laser Engraving
Characters such as numbers and alphabet characters are engraved on the card surface by using a laser beam.
These characters are never erased.
Scratch Card Printing
A part of the card is covered with a special ink for scratch cards to conceal the printed characters, etc. The concealed characters, etc. are revealed by scratching off the covering with a coin or other similar object.

Card Issuance Services

Outsourcing Service of Issuing ID Cards
We receive data needed to issue cards from customers and issue them at our factories.
Embossing and Encoding Services
We provide processing services for issuing cards. These include embossing, or printing convex characters on the card surface, and encoding, or writing data on the card.
IDShokunin (Internet ID Card Issuance Service)
We provide this service of sending and receiving data needed to issue cards by using the Internet. (Free service)

Card Issuing Machines and Software

Card Issuing Machines (Direct Transfer Card Printers)
We provide affordable card printers with high processing speed.
Card Issuing Machines (Re-transfer Card Printers)
We provide card issuing machines that are compatible with various card materials and capable of printing on the entire card surface.
Software (ID Kobo)
Card-issuing software that can be linked with the database in the host system.
Software (ID Kobo Assist)
An information linkage tool that links between the host system and card issuing machine, or between the card issuing machine and a card-related product.

Card Systems

Related products
We offer systems that can be introduced in the ID field, including access control and attendance management performed by using cards, and the retail field, including reward cards and gift cards.

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