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RFID (Radio-frequency identifiers) are an essential technology in driving the new age of IoT (the Internet of Things). Attaching RFID tags and labels that make use of RFID technology to things and people enables personal information to be read without making direct contact. The widespread introduction of these technologies is progressing rapidly in places such as libraries, with the aim of increasing workflow efficiency in inspections of incoming and outgoing items, inventory and stock/location checking, etc. They are also highly effective when used as anti-counterfeiting and fraud countermeasures, and in traceability and marketing analysis applications. As a total solution provider, TOPPAN FORMS provides total, comprehensive support to drive customers’ IoT-related initiatives; enabling the utilization of RFID technologies in a complete range of business situations, from manufacturing to distribution and sales.


Ahead of the popularity even in Japan, Toppan Forms entered into the RFID business in 1998. Since then, we have been helping our customers solve a variety of problems in the RFID business field.
Our specialized RFID department handles everything from antenna design to inlet manufacturing, tag processing, and quality assurance, allowing us to provide quality products that are certain to satisfy our customers needs.
If you are looking for high-quality, high-performance RFID tags, please feel free to inquire with us.


・Our product lineup is solely consisted of products that have passed our independent and exacting quality certification testing.
・All units have passed transmission test and an exterior inspection. They are safe for use even in medical and pharmaceutical goods management.


・Our research and development department and manufacturing factories are located in Japan.
・Customized chip selection, antenna design, and manufacturing are also available.


・Our products are trusted by clients in many diverse fields as medicine, finance, manufacturing, public works, and more.

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