High-Frequency Band
RFID tags/labels

0837 Label

[Characteristics] Small sized antenna also adopted for pharmaceutical products management.
[Applications] Medical and pharmaceutical goods management, individual goods management
[Product size] 18 x 50 mm
[Antenna size] 8 x 37 mm

4576 Label

[Characteristics] Suitable for book stock management.
[Applications] Library book stock management
[Product size] 49 x 81 mm
[Antenna size] 45 x 76 mm

NFC Label

[Characteristics] Suitable for NFC certification.
[Applications] Smart posters, handovers
[Product size] 28 mm in diameter
[Antenna size] 25 mm in diameter

Mold tag

[Characteristics] Highly durable tag with resin-molded inlay.
[Applications] Process management, goods management
[Product size]25 mm in diameter

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