Ultra High-Frequency Band
RFID tags/labels

0548 Label

[Characteristics] Optimum for management of goods with limited space to affix a label, such as a DAT cartridge or other small items.
[Applications] Magnetic media management, document management, book management
[Product size] 7 x 53 mm
[Antenna size] 5 x 48 mm
[Communication range (reference)] 2 m (with polystyrene foam affixed), 3 m (with DAT affixed)

0880 Label (Layer Stack Readable)

[Characteristics] Files stacked at 1~2mm interval can be read at one time.
[Applications] Document management, book stock management
[Product size] 28 x 85 mm
[Antenna size] 8 x 80 mm
[Communication range (reference)] 6m

CD/DVD Label

[Characteristics] Readable simultaneously with labels pasted directly to optical media.
[Applications] CD/DVD/BD management
[Product size] 56 mm in diameter
[Antenna size] 42 mm in diameter
[Communication range (reference)] 2 m (with CD affixed), 1.5 m (with DVD affixed)

0890 Label (Waterproof)

[Characteristics] Compatible to international standerd Liquid ingress Protection Level IPX6 & IPX7. Suitable to affix on PP.
[Applications] Folding containers, pallet management
[Product size] 25 x 105 mm
[Antenna size] 8 x 90 mm
[Communication range (reference)] 6 m

Rigid tag (high-capacity memory)

[Characteristics] Readable even after being directly attached to metal
[Applications] Manufacturing process management, traceability management
[Product size] 14 x 150 mm, 5 mm in diameter, Thickness 6 mm
[Communication range (reference)] 6 m

The values shown for the communication range are those for use in a radio-wave darkroom with an installation-type SPEEDWAY REVOLUTION R420 (made by Impinj) as the RW and a YAP-100CP (made by YEON TECHNOLOGIES) as the antenna.

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