Payment Services

At TOPPAN FORMS, we provide a range of payment services based around the core of our cloud-based “Thincacloud” payment platform. We offer constantly evolving cloud-type services with a wealth of beneficial features, including easy introduction/installation and superior expandability (scalability) through flexible service linkage functionality. We also provide a range of products utilizing NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies (including embedded and/or USB-type read/write units, NFC cards and tags), and outsourced development services.

Product and Service Lineup

Thincacloud, a Cloud-based Payment Platform

Thincacloud is a cloud-based payment platform service that applies NFC technologies. It creates new payment settings by permitting the use of general purpose equipment, such as smartphones and tablets, as the payment terminals. Thincacloud can also be applied for local currencies and unique money points, as well as multiple brands of electronic money.


Related group company: TFPayment Service Co., Ltd.

NFC Reader/Writer

We provide desktop/embedded NFC readers/writers and software which enable Thincacloud to be applied in a wider variety of settings. We also promote support for embedding the equipment in products from equipment manufacturers.

NFC reader/writer

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