Diversity & Integration Basic Concept

Basic Policy

Maximization of results through the synergy effects of diversity

For the expansion of information-based business fields and further development of global markets, Toppan Forms aims to transform itself into a value creation company by creating organizations and human resources that are capable of responding to change.
To this end, we have positioned "diversity & integration" as a key management strategy. We will seek to maximize results through the synergies created by pooling the diverse perspectives and skills of individual employees, and we aim to achieve sustainable growth as a company that is highly regarded by society.
We are specifically focusing on actively hiring and training women, promoting the career development and utilization of older workers, and hiring foreign workers and people with disabilities. Alongside efforts to achieve effective communication between management and employees, we are actively promoting an appropriate work-life balance for all employees and creating a rewarding work environment.

Need for diversity & integration

To respond to diverse market needs

To increase employee satisfaction

Need for work-life balance

To attract and retain talent

To increase productivity