Environmental Activities

Environmental Management

At Toppan Forms, we consider preserving the natural environment one of our corporate responsibilities, and we have established our own environmental management system. This system is continually reviewed and improved.
We have also created our "Basic Environmental Policy," based on our management philosophy, "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions," and carry out various activities. With our environmental organizations such as the Company-wide Environmental Promotion Committee, we continue to create management systems and frameworks.

Environmental Management Framework

Toppan Forms' Environmental Principles and Policies

Environmental Audit

Every production site for the entire Group is subject to an internal environmental audit once a year, to confirm and evaluate the sites' progress towards their environmental goals, and their adherence to environmental legislation.

Environmental Education

An environmental communication meeting is held quarterly among the environmental office at production site to educate basic knowledge and latest legislation for taking actionable measures.
Monthly newsletter is also issued to all employees.

Environmental Communication

We gather and transmit various types of information concerning the environment, both within and outside of our Group. We convey information via internal reports or CSR reports, exhibit in environmental-themed exhibitions, participate in information exchange opportunities with neighboring businesses, and undertake training from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

CSR Report