Toppan Forms' Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic View on CSR

Since our company was founded in 1965 as Toppan Moore, we have been providing customers with high quality business forms created using computers, thereby contributing to the development of computerization for society.
When the company first began we declared our management philosophy called "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions" which refers to realizing in good balance the three benefits of societal benefits, corporate benefits, and individual benefits.

In order to meet societal demands, and respond to customer issues and expectations, we have opened up the door of innovation, pursuing "societal benefits" to promote new value creation, "corporate benefits" to increase profits fairly as a corporation and pursue sustainable long-term growth along with our customers, and "individual benefits" to ensure each of our employees complies with rules and creates an affluent lifestyle.

When these three benefits are treated as one, only then can we fulfill our responsibility to the Earth, society, and the environment, making strong and significant contributions.

At Toppan Forms, this "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions" philosophy of three benefits forms the basis for our CSR activity.

San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions

To Our Social Community
Let us always be pioneers in Information Handling, and play an important role in the growth of local economy.
To Our Company
Let us always be pioneers in information Handling and devote ourselves to the prosperity of our company.
To Our Personal Happiness
Let us always be pioneers in Information Handling and endeavor to achieve happiness of our own.

Toppan Forms' basic view on CSR

Based on the "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions" creed, we have established the "Toppan Forms Action Agenda," specific action guidelines which include CSR aspects.
Further, themes have been established for each stakeholder category, and these form the basis for our CSR activity.

Management Philosophy ('San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions')

CSR Promotion Themes

At Toppan Forms, we are committed to realizing our "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions" philosophy, which will allow us to fulfill our social responsibility for our diverse range of stakeholders, which includes society, companies, and individuals. We have established themes for each stakeholder category which form the basis of our CSR activity. The following summarizes our promotion themes for each stakeholder category.

All stakeholders
  • ・Compliance with laws and corporate ethics
  • ・Risk management
  • ・Environmental conservation
  • ・Guarantee the safety and quality of products
  • ・Provide products and services which contribute to solving social issues
  • ・Create a reliable supply chain
Local community
  • ・Contribute to society/community
  • ・Fair and just information disclosure
  • ・Respect and properly utilize our human resources

CSR promotion framework

The Toppan Forms CEO and CSR executive director hold a CSR promotion department meeting, and CSR activities are promoted through collaboration with the headquarters management department.