Eco-friendly Products & Services

Research & development of eco-friendly products & services

The environmental declaration we express with our eco-friendly products forms the basis for our research and development, which is conducted with a view of the product's entire lifecycle.
Taking into consideration the item's entire lifecycle, we develop products with excellent environmental awareness, which cause a lower amount of burden on the environment than conventional products. Further, we quantify aspects of every product we develop such as CO2 emissions, and reduction of the amount of raw materials used and waste produced, to evaluate the product's contribution level. These evaluations are used for research and development environmental objectives.

The environmental declarations stated by Toppan Forms' eco-friendly products
Lifecycle Stage Declaration Item Declaration Outline
Entire lifecycle Greenhouse gas strategies
  • ・We provide products & services with carbon offsets.
  • ・We provide products & services which utilize renewable energy (green energy, etc.)
  • ・We provide products & services which display their GHG *1 emission amount (carbon footprint, etc.)
Production & distribution stage Use of safe materials
  • ・We are reducing the 462 substances stated in the PRTR Law
  • ・We do not use substances our clients prohibit
  • ・We use materials which reduce harmful gas emissions when incinerated
    (currently limited to products which may be disposed of by incineration after use)
Use of recyclable materials
  • ・Our products use recyclable materials
Use of sustainable materials
  • ・We use recyclable natural resources in a sustainable fashion
Conservation of materials & energy
  • ・We are reducing the amount of materials included (compared with conventional products)
  • ・We are reducing the amount of solid waste created in production processes by improving products and packaging
  • ・We are reducing energy consumption in production and distribution processes
  • ・We are reducing energy consumption arising from the operation of our products
During use Enabling long-term use
  • ・We consider the possibility of function expansion or upgrades to improve durability, ease of repair or component replacement, fullness of maintenance & repair service and length of period
After use Enabling reuse
  • ・Products or components can be used in the same form, for the same purpose. We have a system in which used products are returned and reused.
Enabling recycling
  • ・Products are recyclable. They are separated by material so they can be recycled as components. We have facilities and systems for recycling *2
Making disposal/processing easy
  • ・Our designs allow products to be dismantled easily
  • ・Products contain measures to prevent soil contamination if they are disposed of in landfill
  • ・Materials are biodegradable or photodegradable so their substances can be broken down for assimilation with the environment

*1 GHG: Greenhouse Gas

*2 However, we have added adjustments to ensure that material recycle of paper and plastic does not interfere with collection and re-commercialization of containers and packaging that apply to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law