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  • Health Management and Safety Promotion : Principles and Policy Concerning Health Management

Principles and Policy Concerning Health Management

We aim to develop and improve our company by promoting reform in the manner of working along with activities to maintain and increase the health of our diverse human resources as the foundation, so that they can continue working energetically.

Measures to promote health management

1. Measures against lifestyle-related diseases
Specific health guidance, oral hygiene guidance, health assessments, sports events, TABLE FOR TWO, etc.
2. Mental health measures
Line care training, self-care training, stress checks, counselling
3. Anti-smoking measures
Lung age measurement, anti-smoking guidance, smoke-free challenge
4. Promoting health of family members
Promotion of medical examinations for dependents covered by health insurance, promotion of participation in sports events, etc.

Specific initiatives

1. Measures against lifestyle-related diseases
    • Implementation of health management promotion meetings
    • Collaboration health with the health insurance society (KENPOS)
    • Establishment of in-house clinics (full-time industrial physicians and nurses)
    • Establishment of health consultation centers
    • Health guidance
    • Support for making lifestyle improvements
    • Mandatory medical examinations
    • Financial aid for medical examination costs
    • Interviews with industrial physicians based on the results of medical examinations
    • Chewing power checks and dental consultation meetings *1
    • Implementation of blood vessel age measurement events
    • Holding of mind and body health seminars
    • Holding of yoga classes to prevent backache
    • Holding of physical strength measurement events
    • Holding of breast cancer prevention seminars for women *2
    • Holding of seminars on fighting off viscaral fat *3
    • Company-wide implementation of radio gymnastic exercises (before work starts every morning)
    • Club activities
    • Promotion of the use of our partner sports facilities
    • Internal influenza vaccinations
    • Placement of mouthwash and disinfectants for anti-infection measures
    • Preventive vaccinations for employees on overseas assignments, and education by industrial physicians
2. Mental health measures
    • Active promotion of work-life balance
    • Enhancement of mental health care (line care training, self-care training, consultation centers, counseling) *4
    • Implementation of harassment training
    • Establishment of counselling rooms
    • Implementation of stress checks
    • Arrangement of Reinstatement programs
    • Establishment of no overtime work days (twice a month)
    • Implementation of patrols on no overtime work days (labor and management cooperation)
    • Monthly reporting of the number of employees who work long hours and their departments at the board meeting
    • “Reform of Summer Lifestyle~Yukatsu~”
    • Implementation of the overwork resolution campaign
    • Implementation of sleep health week
    • Holding of seminars on reforming the manner of working
3. Anti-smoking measures
    • Making the entire headquarters building smoke-free
    • Lung age measurement *5
    • Anti-smoking guidance
    • Smoke-free challenge
    • Expiration carbon monoxide concentration check
4. Promoting health of family members
    • Promotion of medical examinations for dependents covered by health insurance *6
    • Holding of walking events
    • Promotion of participation in sports events (baseball competitions, etc.)
    • Health classes (exercises, etc.)
    • Influenza vaccination (aid to cover the costs)

Designated as “Health Management Brand” and “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company”

  • We were designated as “Health Management Brand 2016” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange on January 21. This recognition is given to companies that look at the health management of employees and so on from a management perspective and work on it strategically.
  • We were recognized by the Tokyo metropolitan government for our continuous daily activities for working on health initiatives and developing an environment in which we enjoy sports, and were designated as “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company” in fiscal 2015.