Our Relationship with Stakeholders

For our customers

At Toppan Forms, we are committed to continuing to create products with the high level of quality that our customers expect. To achieve this, we have obtained ISO9001 certifications focusing on our production sites, and are implementing continuous improvement measures for our quality management system. Further, we strive to provide our customers with safe, secure products, and conduct design reviews from the planning and design phases of our products, while also defining green purchasing standards for all components of our products, thereby ensuring that we use only items which are safe and environmentally friendly.
We take action from every angle in order to contribute to solutions for society's problems, and provide customers with products and services that respond to their needs.

Alongside our shareholders and investors

Based on fair and just information disclosure, we aim to develop long-term, stable relationships with all our shareholders and investors, through sustained improvement to our corporate value and appropriate profit allocation.

IR Basic Principles

1. Standards for information disclosure
Toppan Forms discloses information in compliance with the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, any information which does not apply to the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information, and is effective for shareholders and investors to gain information about our company, is disclosed via our website as actively and fairly as possible.
2. Information disclosure methods
Information that applies to the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information is published in accordance with these regulations on TDnet, supplied by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Information published on TDnet is also published on our website as promptly as possible.
In some cases, not all of the information we have disclosed is published on our website. Also, there may be some discrepancies in the expressions used in information disclosed via other methods.

IR Information

Environmental Education

Every production site for the entire Group is subject to an internal environmental audit once a year, to confirm and evaluate the sites' progress towards their environmental goals, and their adherence to environmental legislation.

Alongside our clients

At Toppan Forms, we have established CSR procurement standards in our "Toppan Forms CSR Procurement Guidelines" document, and are working on CSR procurement through cooperation with the vendors, production and fabrication contractors, and other clients for our raw materials and equipment. Through collaboration with our clients, we aim to promote CSR activities throughout the entire supply chain, and mutually improve our corporate values.
Further, from April 2004 we have been conducting green purchasing in compliance with the green standards of the Japan Federation of Printing Industries' "Offset Printing Service."

Toppan Forms CSR Procurement Guidelines

Alongside local communities

Tokyo Greenship Action

We participate in clean up campaigns run by local governments in the regions around our workplaces, and in local council meetings, to communicate with the communities in which we work.
In addition, we participate in social contribution activities, hold charity events, and carry out various other activities to fulfill our responsibility to local communities.

Alongside our employees

Based on our management philosophy of "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions," we strive to help our customers to solve the issues they have, while also implementing HR strategies and support for self-improvement/realization for our talented staff so that we will be able to fulfill our responsibility as a member of society. We utilize our diverse staff and conduct activities for the "cultivation of well-rounded human resources."
We are also working to realize a safe and secure environment, by respecting of basic human rights, and enhancing our activities for employee health monitoring and improvement, while also creating an environment which encourages a healthy work-life balance, through activities to support the nurturing of the next generation.

Policy Concerning Health Management

We aim to develop and improve our company by promoting activities to maintain and increase the health our diverse human resources so that they can continue working energetically.

1. Measures against lifestyle-related diseases
Specific health guidance, oral hygiene guidance, health measurement, sports events, Table for Two, etc.
2. Mental health measures
Line car training, self-care training, stress check, counselling, etc.
3. Anti-smoking measures
Complete separation of facilities for smokers and nonsmokers, anti-smoking guidance, no-smoking challenge, lung age measurement, etc.
4. Promotion of health of family members
Promotion of medical examinations of dependents covered by health insurance, promotion of participation in sports events, etc.