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Toppan Forms (Singapore) Pte Ltd. selected for Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise 2015

December 28, 2015

Toppan Forms (Singapore) Pte Ltd., our Singaporean office, [President: Allan Leong; hereinafter, "TF (S)"] was selected for Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise 2015, and commended at an awards ceremony held on December 20.

The Singapore Resource Association issues honorable recognition of highly rated middleand small-scale companies for business operations and technologies that follow the actions of the national government. This year, TF (S) was one of the 138 companies chosen for the award.

TF (S) is highly rated for its excellent organizational framework, leadership, ability to build human resources, business processes, flexible and speedy management, realistic business models, and management strategies accompanied by innovation. Its past track record also contributed to its commendation.

To live up to the expectations that accompany this recognition, TF (S) will continue striving to be a role model for middle- and small-scale companies and active entrepreneurs in Singapore and other countries.
TF (S) will also share its goals, plowing ahead and building a new history together with industrious and talented employees.

■For more details about Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise 2015, check the following website.
URL: http://sra.sg/ (*redirected to the Singapore Resource Association website)

The commendation ceremony for Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise 2015

■About Toppan Forms (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
  • Company name:
    Toppan Forms (S) Pte Ltd.
  • Year established:
  • President:
    Allan Leong
  • Overview:
    An overseas consolidated subsidiary of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., and one of the companies that plays an important role in the overseas market that our group aims to deeply cultivate.
    TF (S) offers total solutions, such as business process outsourcing, and commands a large share of the domestic market for business forms and data print service (DPS) in Singapore. It aims to expand its business by offering ICT solutions that make use RFID and NFC, and use these solutions to develop a growing field.
  • URL:
    http://www.tfs.com.sg/ (*redirected to the TF (S) corporate site)