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TOPPAN FORMS Designated as One of the “2019 Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management (White 500)”

February 28, 2019

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (TOPPAN FORMS, hereunder) announced that on February 21, 2019, it was designated jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi as one of the “2019 Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management (White 500),” which recognizes companies that focus on management taking into consideration their employees’ health. There are five criteria for the designation: “management policy/philosophy,” “organizational structure,” “implementation of scheme/measure,” “evaluation based improvement” and “compliance and risk management,” and TOPPAN FORMS earned high marks specifically in terms of “active attitude to information disclosure” in the criteria of “management policy/philosophy.” TOPPAN FORMS has now been designated for the third consecutive year.

About “Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management (White 500)”

“Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management (White 500),” in which large-scale corporations and medium-/small-sized companies that practice excellent health-oriented management are selected based on their sufficient efforts for health initiatives in the community and the initiative for health promotion by Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry designs this program with its health investment working group in the next-generation healthcare industry council to distinguish corporations that practice health-oriented management.
This year, 821 corporations in the large corporation category and 2,503 medium-/small-sized corporations were designated as “2019 Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management” by Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Initiatives of TOPPAN FORMS

●Specific activities
1. Establishing health-oriented management as a company-wide policy, and promoting it across the TOPPAN FORMS Group.
Promotion of health-oriented management is codified in the management policy, and is promoted in Action Guidelines Case Books, the in-house magazine and in-house regulations, in an effort to lay a foundation that enables its diverse workforce to continue to work with vigor.

2. Senior management involved in the coordination between dedicated healthcare positions and health insurance societies for promoting measures.
Senior management is involved at every level, from ascertaining company health issues to the creation of schemes, the implementation of measures and the verification of effects. In addition to dedicated healthcare positions, including industrial physicians and nurses, TOPPAN FORMS has coordinated with health insurance societies to develop an implementation framework. In particular, TOPPAN FORMS focuses on measures to address lifestyle diseases, and implements a range of measures for raising awareness and changing the habits of employees, including regularly holding follow-ups on the results of physical checkups, lung age checks, and a seminar on sleep improvement and the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

3. “Work style reform” in the company by the implementation of health measures
A number of measures have been adopted to deal with extended work hours, including no overtime days (twice a month), management of overtime work (monthly), and regularizing the reporting of the number of employees who have engaged in long hours of work and their departments to meetings of company officers. TOPPAN FORMS focuses especially on raising the awareness of managers, promoting the development of an environment where employees can work in good physical and mental conditions, including work-hour management and stress check workshops.

4. TOPPAN FORMS promotes “health-oriented management” outside the company
TOPPAN FORMS has increased the number of opportunities for the presentation/consultation of its promotion structure for health-oriented management and the main measures and programs that are implemented outside the company, including clients and outside organizations/corporations. TOPPAN FORMS will develop activities for promoting health initiatives through consultations with a person in charge of general affairs at our clients and presentation to representatives of health insurance societies.

* For details of “Excellent Enterprises of Health and Productivity Management,” please see the following website (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)