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Message from the President

Shaping the future with information management solutions


Koichi Sakata

Toppan Forms was established as a joint venture company through a merger between Toppan Printing, Japan’s largest comprehensive printing company, and Moore Corporation, which was the world’s largest business forms manufacturer in Canada at that time.

Since our foundation, we have, as a printing industry leader, provided market customers with new and innovative products and solutions in response to the ongoing progress of computerization.

Our management philosophy called “San-eki Ichijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions” defines each employee as a “pioneer in Information Handling” who makes social contributions. Based on this management philosophy, which represents the starting point of the company’s foundation, we have established ourselves beyond business forms manufacturer and have transformed into an “information management solution provider” by actively conducting business to stay ahead of market trends with our data print service (DPS) of providing outsourcing service for data printing and conversion, our business process outsourcing (BPO) of operational work surrounding DPS, and our original information and communications technology (ICT) solutions that utilize the know-how and data processing technologies we have developed through the printing business.

We are currently cultivating the seeds of new growth for future generations by creating new business models through the construction of payment platforms that use cloud computing. At the same time we are constructing hybrid-type business forms operation platforms applicable to both paper and electronic media.

For our overseas business, we carry out business projects firmly rooted in local markets, particularly in Hong Kong and the ASEAN markets, and have a large share in the areas of business forms, DPS, and cards respectively. Moving forward, we will further tap and develop markets, aiming to expand business by promoting the localization of new technologies and solutions and continuing to provide new values.

Our company carries information delivery platforms, which are considered to be essential forms of infrastructure for carrying out corporate activities. The technologies and systems for “delivering information safely and securely” that we have developed through our business operations over the years are not only sources of customer trust and confidence, but also the very strengths of Toppan Forms.

We will continue working to establish an unshakable position as a “trusted partner” on which customers and society rely by building up these strengths and creating a future with innovative information management solutions.

I humbly ask for your wholehearted support and understanding in the years ahead.