• Corporate Information : Board of Directors

Board of Directors

As of July 21, 2020

Board of Directors

  • Atsushi Ito
    Atsushi Ito
  • Koichi Sakata
    Koichi Sakata
  • Akira Kameyama
    Executive Vice President
    Akira Kameyama
    Assistant to President
    In charge of Central Research Center, Quality Management Division, Procurement Division, General Production Management Division, and Global Business Division
  • Yasuhiro Okada
    Senior Managing Director
    Yasuhiro Okada
    Executive Division Manager, General Sales Division, and in charge of General BPO Division
  • Keitaro Fukushima
    Managing Director
    Keitaro Fukushima
    Division Manager, Finance Division, and in charge of Corporate Planning Division, General Affair Division
  • Hideki Soeda
    Managing Director
    Hideki Soeda
    Executive Division Manager, General Planning and Sales Promotion Division
  • Shingo Kaneko
    Shingo Kaneko
    Major concurrent position:
    Chairman & Representative Director of Toppan Printing CO., LTD., Outside Director of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Hideo Inoue
    Hideo Inoue
    Executive Division Manager, Digital Business Division, and Chief Information Officer
  • Kazuko Rudy
    Outside Director*1
    Kazuko Rudy
    Major concurrent position:
    Outside Director of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Hideki Amano
    Outside Director*1
    Hideki Amano
    Major concurrent position:
    Outside Corporate Auditor of Kao Corporation, Outside Director of ORIX Bank Corporation, Outside Corporate Auditor of Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Outside Corporate Auditor of Seiko Holdings Corporation
  • Hiroyuki Shibuya
    Outside Director*1
    Hiroyuki Shibuya
  • Haruko Kokue
    Outside Director*1
    Haruko Kokue
  • *1Ms. Kazuko Rudy, Mr. Hideki Amano, Mr. Hiroyuki Shibuya, and Ms. Haruko Kokue satisfy the qualifications of external directors as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 15 of the Corporate Laws.

Board of Corporate Auditors

  • Shinji Imamura
    Full-Time Corporate Auditor
    Shinji Imamura
  • Kunio Sakuma
    Outside Corporate Auditor*2
    Kunio Sakuma
    Major concurrent position:
    Adviser of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Noriaki Kinoshita
    Outside Corporate Auditor*2
    Noriaki Kinoshita
  • Akiko Obata
    Outside Corporate Auditor*2
    Akiko Obata
  • *2Mr. Kunio Sakuma, Mr. Noriaki Kinoshita and Ms. Akiko Obata satisfy the qualifications of external audit & supervisory board members as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 16 of the Corporate Laws.