• Toppan Forms Group Action Guidelines

Toppan Forms Group Action Guidelines

Toppan Forms Group Action Guidelines

1. Respecting basic human rights

  • 1. Respecting the diverse values of individuals, and respecting personal qualities and individuality
  • 2. Prohibition of discrimination of any kind
  • 3. Prohibition of sexual and power harassment

2. Having high ethical standards and acting as a responsible member of society.

  • (In the conduct of business)
  • 1. Acting with pride as a member of the Toppan Forms Group
  • 2. Prohibition of tacit approval of illegal conduct and rule violations
  • 3. Respect for foreign cultures and customs
  • (In our private lives)
  • 4. Prohibition of conduct that causes distress to other people
  • 5. Prohibition of drunk-driving
  • 6. Prohibition of the possession and use of illegal drugs
  • 7. Prohibition of gambling

3. Complying with laws and company rules and conducting fair business operations.

  • (Legal compliance)
  • 1. Prohibition of collusion and cartels
  • 2. Prohibition of improper conduct in dealings with business partner companies
  • 3. Prohibition of improper conduct against competitor.
  • 4. Prohibition of false transactions
  • 5. Respecting business partners’ standpoints and building appropriate relationships with customers
  • 6. Prohibition of bribery and inappropriate entertainment practices
  • 7. Prohibition of illegal political contributions or donations
  • 8. Prohibition of insider trading
  • 9. Prohibition of illicit import and export transactions
  • 10. Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  • 11. Compliance with international rules and local laws in overseas business
  • (Compliance with company rules)
  • 12. Maintaining discipline and order in the workplace
  • 13. Prohibition of other work without the company’s permission
  • 14. Prohibition of conduct that causes a conflict of interests with the company
  • 15. Prohibition of receipt or provision of personal gain or rebate
  • 16. Appropriate management of assets entrusted to the company by customers
  • 17. Appropriate management and use of company assets
  • 18. Prohibition of prejudicial treatment of persons that have reported problems via the appropriate procedure
  • 19. Fulfilling duties with integrity
  • 20. Reporting promptly and appropriately

4. Avoiding all links with antisocial forces.

  • 1. Prohibition of any dealings with antisocial groups
  • 2. Prohibition of involvement in antisocial activities
  • 3. Prohibition of provision of unjust benefits

5. Striving to improve quality and providing creations that contribute to customer satisfaction

  • 1. Making our best efforts for the customer and building a relationship of trust
  • 2. Striving to improve quality in every process
  • 3. Fully ensuring the safety and security of products and services
  • 4. Prohibition of the infringement of the intellectual property rights of others

6. Recognizing the importance of information related to business and managing it appropriately

  • 1. Protecting information regarding customers
  • 2. Protecting the company’s confidential information.
  • 3. Appropriate handling of personal information
  • 4. Striving for the appropriate management of information and records

7. Proactively undertaking preservation of the global environment

  • 1. Striving to reduce the environmental burden of business activities
  • 2. Promoting businesses with consideration for the environment

8. Embracing change and taking on new challenges

  • 1. Making proposals that embrace change to customers
  • 2. Advancing technical development that meets the needs of customers
  • 3. Having an awareness of problems and striving to improve the status quo
  • 4. Striving to enhance one’s knowledge, skills and techniques
  • 5. Securing and using intellectual property

9. Building trust from society through social contribution activities and appropriate disclosure of information

  • 1. Proactively participating in the company’s activities to contribute to society and local communities
  • 2. Contributing to the development and passing on of skills and culture
  • 3. Disclosing information appropriately and enhancing the transparency of business activities

10. Bringing together individual strengths to fully exploit the integrated strength of the group

  • 1. Striving to create a lively and vibrant workplace
  • 2. Striving to create a safe and clean workplace
  • 3. Taking pride in the Toppan Forms brand and striving to cultivate it
  • 4. Group companies working together to maximize integrated strength