• Toppan Forms Group Basic Principles for Information Security

Toppan Forms Group Basic Principles for Information Security

Toppan Forms Group Basic Principles for Information Security

Progress in information processing technology brings both benefits and risks to society. The Toppan Forms Group is extensively involved in providing information management solutions to address related problems.
Information that is managed appropriately builds customer trust in a company and, as such, represents an important social responsibility.
Being fully aware of this, the Toppan Forms Group handles information security※1 based on the following company-wide principles:

  • 1.Information is handled in compliance with all laws, norms, and social order and is managed appropriately based on all internal guidelines.
  • 2.Our information security management committee prepares and improves information-related management systems and conducts education and training activities.
  • 3.We perform risk-analysis and evaluate information assets, using them reliably and appropriately.
  • 4.Information provided by customers to us is managed reliably and appropriately in response to our customers' faith in us.
  • 5.We clearly understand the social landscape, regulatory amendments, and technological trends, reflecting them appropriately in our information management framework.

※1 Information security means confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, as well as recognizing and corresponding to cyber security※2 as a management issue.

※2 Cyber security means preventing information leakage and dysfunction of system asset caused by cyber attack, taking necessary measures for safe management of information, and making sure that the status is appropriately maintained.

Drafted on August 1, 2002

Last amended on August 1, 2016

Koichi Sakata, President & COO

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Toppan Forms Group Information Security Management Committee