• Personal Information Protection Policy


Personal Information Protection Policy

At Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., we view the business forms we manufacture and sell as important information delivery tools.
We have added a new core information processing and fabrication service corresponding to information advancements.
Toppan Forms recognizes the importance of respecting the individual.
While realizing the utility of personal information including specific personal information, we are committed to ensuring compliance with national guidelines, norms, and social order in handling personal information to protect individual rights and benefits. We have also arranged the following Personal Information Protection Policy and are ensuring that it is executed and maintained:

  • 1.We have established specific purposes for personal information use and will use personal information only for these purposes.
    Any use of personal information exceeding the scope of these specified purposes of use will require the prior permission of the individual. As for the specific personal information it will be handled within the scope determined by the National Identification System.
  • 2.We have established management guidelines on the collection, use, and provision of personal information and will handle personal information appropriately.
  • 3.We take all necessary and appropriate measures to monitor security to prevent or rectify the divulging or loss of personal information.
  • 4.We have established a help hotline to process complaints and provide advice about the personal information that Toppan Forms handles and for requests regarding information disclosure. Individual inquiries will be dealt with promptly and appropriately.
  • 5.We will manage any personal information obtained from customers for executing work securely and appropriately to ensure customer trust in Toppan Forms. We will not use information for any purpose apart from the work assigned.
  • 6.We have established an information security management committee that works to continuously improve personal information protection management by preparing and improving internal personal information protection frameworks and company-wide education and training.

※ National Identification System : A law regarding use of number to identify specific individual for administrative procedure.

Drafted on December 1, 2000

Last amended on September 1, 2016

Koichi Sakata, President & COO

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Toppan Forms Group Information Security Management Committee

Direct all inquiries on the handling of personal information to the Complaints & Advice Hotline at the phone number below or fill out the inquiry form from the Contact Us button on the Toppan Forms homepage. For phone inquiry please dial the number below and follow the guidance which will lead to the hotline.

Contact information : Complaints & Advice Hotline Staff(CSR Promotion Division Manager)
Telephone : +81-3-6253-6000(Dial-in)
Hours : 10:00 to 17:00. Closed on weekends. public and company holidays.

Purposes of use, etc.

Personal information purposes of use and other publicized itemsPDF24KB)