About Redistribution of Profits to Shareholders/Dividends

Shareholder Return Policy

Toppan Forms aims to become an information management solutions company as we work to create increased corporate value. As a basic financial policy, we allot a large portion of profits for capital investment in the necessary research and development and rationalization to develop and expand our business. We also allot profits for strategic growth investments to develop new businesses.

In regard to our policy on shareholder returns, we encourage shareholders to maintain their holdings for the medium- to long-term; consequently, we intend to continue offering stable shareholder returns determined based on consideration of business performance and the dividend payout ratio.


Our basic policy is to pay dividends to shareholders twice a year (interim dividend and year-end dividend).
Dividend payout levels will be determined by the General Meetings of Shareholders for the year-end dividend and by the Board of Directors for the interim dividend.

Please see below for information about dividends.