Message to our shareholders and investors

We will ramp up our efforts in the field of information management for further growth


Koichi Sakata

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our shareholders and investors for their constant support.

I am Koichi Sakata. I took office as president and COO on June 29, 2016. I will take the lead in continuing to pursue growth at the Toppan Forms Group with Chairman of the Board Shu Sakurai.

The Group’s basic policy is to accelerate business expansion in the domain of information management, which describes our strength, our future direction, and our business focus. Of strategies that companies and other entities need to employ in their activities, we will ramp up our efforts in the domain of information strategies, our field of expertise, where we can provide unique solutions that differentiate us from our competitors, to achieve further growth.

Under this basic policy, the Group will strengthen its existing businesses, and at the same time, will strive to create new businesses that will become the driving force for growth, while considering aggressive M&A and capital alliances. The Group aims to achieve sustainable growth in harmony with our shareholders and other stakeholders.

As we pursue these initiatives, we ask for your continued understanding and support.