Management Strategy

Basic Management Policy

The Toppan Forms Group’s management philosophy is called “San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions” which means placing equal importance on three kinds of benefits: societal benefits, corporate benefits and individual benefits, each of which is indispensable. Through the implementation of this management philosophy, we aim to achieve sustainable growth in harmony with the communities and the environment in which we operate as well as with our customers and other stakeholders.

Target Management Indicators

The Toppan Forms Group aims to maximize corporate value by improving profitability and investment efficiency through measures such as adapting sales strategies to the changing market environment, overhauling the manufacturing framework, and reforming the cost structure.
Specifically, we aim to improve consolidated return on equity (consolidated ROE), as well as focusing on increasing operating income, which measures the profits from our core business activities.

Medium-Term Management Strategies

Business A structural change is taking place in the domains of Business Forms and DPS, the main businesses of TOPPAN FORMS Group.
In order to correspond to the change in business environment and to achieve sustainable growth, TOPPAN FORMS Group will focus on undertaking the four management strategies as indicated below.

1. Establish presence as a DigitalHybridTM company.
The TOPPAN FORMS Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by further accelerating DigitalHybridTM initiatives and establishing a position as a unique and highly original company.
Specifically, the Group will improve its capability to handle digital businesses in terms of both human resources and organizations and focus further on digital solutions, including the expansion of a cross-industrial shared platform.
In addition, we will advocate the provision of solutions that cater to needs that arise, including business efficiency improvements using new technologies, such as the high-precision OCR service and RPA using artificial intelligence (AI), new services in the information domain such as the data distribution business, and IoT solutions mainly targeting the manufacturing, medical, and distribution industries.

2. Expand domains by creating new businesses and developing new markets.
To expand our business domains, we will strengthen initiatives in the Frontier domain, which will be the next-generation pillar.
Specifically, we will be proactive in adopting open innovation methods in our efforts to create new businesses that solve social issues.
We will also improve our capability to expand globally and proceed with the further cultivation of the ASEAN market.

3.Strengthen the profit structure by implementing structural reforms decisively on a group-wide basis.
We will swiftly and steadily implement structural reforms that pre-empt market changes, including the reorganization of Group companies and the consolidation of our production bases.
We will also implement initiatives to improve productivity and strengthen the profit structure, including the improvement of business process efficiency, the further utilization of information technologies, and the shift of human resources to growing areas.

4. Facilitate the implementation and continuous improvement of CSR activities.
The TOPPAN FORMS Group will implement measures for contributing to the sustainable development of society. In formulating these measures, we identify activities to carry out by being conscious of requests and expectations from society to the Group and the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Specifically, we will make continuous efforts with a focus on the following four themes:
1) compliance, information security and risk management, including business continuity planning;
2) environmental measures including the reduction of the environmental impact;
3) diversity management, with which we encourage the active participation of diverse human resources; and
4) health management, with which we will maintain and promote good mental and physical health among our employees as an initiative for improving business productivity and creativity.