Management Strategy

Basic Management Policy

The Toppan Forms Group’s management philosophy is called “San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno - Contributions” which means placing equal importance on three kinds of benefits: societal benefits, corporate benefits and individual benefits, each of which is indispensable. Through the implementation of this management philosophy, we aim to achieve sustainable growth in harmony with the communities and the environment in which we operate as well as with our customers and other stakeholders.

Target Management Indicators

The Toppan Forms Group aims to maximize corporate value by improving profitability and investment efficiency through measures such as adapting sales strategies to the changing market environment, overhauling the manufacturing framework, and reforming the cost structure.
Specifically, we aim to improve consolidated return on equity (consolidated ROE), as well as focusing on increasing operating income, which measures the profits from our core business activities.

Medium-Term Management Strategies

Business Forms and DPS, the main businesses of TOPPAN FORMS group, are affected by the structural change caused by information and network technologies implemented in clients' operations.
In order to correspond to the change in business environment and to achieve sustainable growth, TOPPAN FORMS group will focus on undertaking the three management strategies as indicated below.

1. Steady implementation of growth strategies
The TOPPAN FORMS Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by further accelerating DigitalHybrid initiatives and establishing a position as an unique and highly original company.
For the steady implementation of growth strategies, the Group will focus on five specific measures: (1) enhancement of IT presence as a specialist in information management solutions, (2) strengthening of initiatives in frontier businesses that will underpin the next generation of products, (2) strengthening and utilization of a rock-solid security framework, (4) expansion of customer base through more efficient marketing activities and the development of new markets, and (5) reconstruction of global strategy and strengthening of overseas expansion capability.

2. Acceleration of structural reforms
We will swiftly and steadily implement structural reforms that pre-empt market changes.
More specifically, we will implement initiatives to improve productivity and strengthen the profit structure, including the reorganization of Group companies and further consolidation of our production bases, the innovation of business processes and utilization of IT systems, and the shift of management resources to growing areas.
We will also seek to strengthen our organizational capacity and improve the quality of our work through system reforms that encourage employees to challenge themselves, further enhancement of the support framework, and the implementation of workstyle reforms.

3.Continuous strengthening of CSR activities
The TOPPAN FORMS Group aims to earn the trust of its various stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable development of society by fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in accordance with its “San-eki Ichijo” management philosophy.
Regarding the practice of corporate ethics and compliance, information security and risk management, including business continuity planning, we will further increase the effectiveness of measures though company-wide training and the activities of special committees.
In our environmental preservation initiatives, we will promote our environmental management system (EMS) and seek to reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment. We will also contribute to environmental preservation through the development and provision of ecofriendly products.
We see “diversity management” and the mental and physical health of our employees as important management issues, as they enhance our added value as a company by encouraging the active participation of diverse human resources and bringing out the full potential of individual employees, and we are committed to maintaining and promoting initiatives in these areas. We will also actively promote initiatives for health management which will lead to improvement in business productivity and creativity.