• Press Releases : 2011

Press Releases


Dec 15, 2011
Form issuance solution provided for new invoicing services for contractors of the Toppan Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance - Issuing "custom made forms" that cater to each contractor's needs -
Nov 24, 2011
Standardization bundling the consignment-based issuance into a package Withholding Tax Certificate Consignment Service made available at low prices to shorten lead time
Nov 11, 2011
Strong support to businesses entering rapidly growing Chinese markets Start of consignment service sending direct mail to China's general public
Nov 10, 2011
Toppan Forms establishes a new company focused on providing Cloud based NFC Payment Service Toppan Forms aims to integrate several ePayment services into single cloud based NFC payment service
Nov 09, 2011
AR contents realizing direct mail as ornamental cards AR popup HakoniwaDM contributes to Ishinomaki as a form of recovery support
Oct 06, 2011
Elmica, a low-noise LED lamp optimal for data centers, now commercially available Complying with international standard CISPR
Jul 22, 2011
High-performance refrigerant technology integrated with cloud computing technology Temperature-control traceability service start
Jul 12, 2011
Industrial, academic, and government cooperation supporting temporary-housing residency health Comprehensive health-development support program to solve health problems due to housing transition environments
Jun 28, 2011
Original printers with excellent feed performance and glue resistance 8035EX Laser Printer for EX Forms available commercially
May 18, 2011
Three types of metal-compatible UHF band IC tags developed for different purposes IC tags have metal parts on carts specially designed to operate as communication antennas for omnidirectional reading
May 11, 2011
Laminated communication receptors make battery-free electronic paper labels smaller than ever! Small battery-free electronic paper labels developed
Apr 27, 2011
Exhibition and charity sales of works offered by well-known artists The Kizuna Human Bonds exhibition is held as a charity event to support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster
Feb 22, 2011
A world first! Soft tag compatible with press dehydration laundry The thin, highly durable UHF belt IC tag is optimal for linen supply management
Feb 15, 2011
Toppan Forms and Hewlett-Packard Japan to cooperate on expanding settlement service for contactless IC cards, constructing a cloud platform based on global standard NFC technology
Feb 09, 2011
A certification to more offices, making it the 11th, including the four offices in Kansai Toppan Forms passed extension and surveillance audits of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), acquiring registration certification authorized by JIPDEC and UKAS.
Feb 07, 2011
Even the small characters are easy to read, and readability is enhanced for important notifications. UCDA bit-map fonts are applied to high-speed variable-print printers