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  • Toppan Forms to build a New Plant at Osaka Shimamoto-cho Sakurai to commemorate the 50th Anniversary - The Plant will Act as an Evacuation Facility during Disaster

Press Releases

Toppan Forms to build a New Plant at Osaka Shimamoto-cho Sakurai to commemorate the 50th Anniversary
- The Plant will Act as an Evacuation Facility during Disaster

July 03, 2012

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms), an information management solution provider, will construct “Osaka Sakurai Plant” at Sakurai Shimamoto-cho Mishima-gun Osaka that functions as a civil evacuation facility for local people during the disaster. The factory will have a structure that can withstand the same level of earthquake that devistated Eastern Japan with emergency electricity generator and disaster communication facility.

Rendering of Osaka Sakurai Plant

The construction of the plant is to commorate the 50th anniverary of the company and is the first major plant to be built after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Toppan Forms has management credo called “Thee Benefit as One” that pursues benefit for the society, company, and individual. The new plant aims to realize the spirit of the credo and make contribution as the member of the local community.

Osaka Sakurai Plant will be built on the same land where the current Osaka plant is located. The company considered relocating the aging plant buit 40 years ago but in the light of keeping close ties with the local community, they have decided to build it in two phases using scrap and built method without discontinuing production. Furthermore, the plant aims to achieve the highest productivity among all plants in the company by consolidating three facilities in the vicinity such as Settsu, Esaka, and Sakurai to orginize a coherent production structure.

Toppan Forms is the first printing company in Japan to obtain the business continuity management system BS25999 certifiation in 2010 and expanded it to the current 15 locations.Osaka Sakurai plant will become the backbone facility for the Kansai area to provide data print serive (DPS) that generate and mail various statements and business process outsourcing (BPO) that streamline and optimize customer's operation process, as well as play an important role in the business continuity in case of emergency situation. The construction is expected to be completed in end of June 2014.

  • * DPS is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd..

Supplementary Information

Overview of Osaka Sakurai Plant
  • •Plant Name
    Toppan Forms Kansai Co., Ltd. Osaka Sakurai Plant
  • •Plant Location
    3-14-1 Sakurai Shimamoto-cho Mishima-gun Osaka Japan
  • •Building Structure
    Reinforced Concrete and partially Steel Construcction 5 stories
  • •Land Area
    Approx.18,000 square meter
  • •Floor Area
    Approx. 30,000 suare meter
  • •Capital Expenditure
    Approx. 6.8 billion Yen
  • •Construction Period
    March, 2012 to June2014
Community Contribution and Environmental Provision
  • •Day-to-Day Activities
    Establish close ties with the local community through holding events such as cherry blossom and summer festivals. Promote communication through participating in enviromental sustainability activities sponsered by local community.
  • •Emergency Response
    Facility that can hold maximum of 215 people (calculated at 2 square meter space per person)
    Disaster prevention warehouse (41.5 square meter at east building with an outdoor toilet for the public during disaster)
    Registered as civil evacuation facility for Shimamoto-cho (One of the two companies registered as of April 2012)
    Private fire prevention tank (60 cubic meter)
    (One of 29 fire prevention water tank registered in Shimamoto-cho. The tank is larger than the usual 40 cubic meter)
    Registered water well for emergency.
    Cooperation with vicintiy's“Shimmamoto-cho Freai Center”large scale evacuation center.
  • •Attention to Environment
    Energy saving facilities (LED, Inverter control mechanism)
    External ambient air conditioning
    Centrally monitored electricity, temperature and humidity
Productivity Improvement
  • •Terminate the use of warehouse and implement inventory system that can handle wide range of stocks.
Security Provision
  • •Access control: Double biometrics and ID verfiications camera monitoring, motion sensor warning system.
Origination of Osaka Sakurai Plant's Name
Near the factory property, there is a national historic landmark called Sakuai station which used to be a horse station
The historic landmark park is where samurai Masashige Kusunoki sent his son Masatusura back to Kawachi before the battle of Minatogawa.
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