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  • Toppan Forms and TF Payment Service NFC Smartposters and Facebook linking Tohoku traditional crafts to the virtual world - Promoting traditional crafts to help Tohoku leading up to the London Summer Olympics

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Toppan Forms and Toppan Forms Payment Service NFC Smartposters and Facebook linking Tohoku traditional crafts to the virtual world
- Promoting traditional crafts to help Tohoku leading up to the London Summer Olympics

July 05, 2012

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd and Toppan Forms Payment Service (TFPS), in the lead up to the Summer Olympics in London, will be providing NFC Smart Posters and Facebook application to the 're:new Tohoku' exhibition held at Asia House from July the 11th. The event has been developed by Japanese Greats and IMD Inc. as part of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Cool Japan initiative that aims to promote Japanese designed and manufactured goods from areas affected by the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

On display at the event will be a variety of Japanese made products including furniture, cookware and other hand-crafted goods. To encourage engagement with the displayed goods, visitors will be able to touch NFC enabled product placards to get more information on each product and it's manufacturer. Through the simple touch interaction users will have the choice to post their impressions of the products to their Facebook profiles, helping to promote the charm and quality of the products to a wider audience. The organisers hope that this will encourage a revival in local Tohoku industries.

In lead up to the event, promotional fans commonly given out in Japan will be, given out to Londoners and will be embedded with an NFC tag that when touched with an NFC Smartphone will help people learn more about the event. The fans will also enable visitors to share the information easily and access information on the products they have seen at the event.

Toppan Forms and TFPS have been developing and providing NFC solutions since 2006. Leveraging off this experience, Toppan Forms and TFPS will be providing the NFC Smart Posters, the Facebook application and the printing of these materials to assist the re:new Tohoku event and the Tohoku manufacturers to reach out to a broad audience and better understand visitors interests in the products and manufacturers. Through the re:new Tohoku event and the use of NFC, Toppan Forms and TFPS seek to help breathe new life into Tohoku industries and at the same time, assist in the stimulation of interest in all Japanese products and services.

  • •Dates
    11th to 15th of July
  • •Location
    Asia House, Cavendish street, Marylebone, London
  • •Target Handsets
    NFC Smartphones
  • *1 NFC
    Near distance wireless communication technology ha Sony and Philips (currently NXP semiconductors) co-developed and has been approved as an international standard.
  • *2 Smart Poster
    Poster and panel with NFC attached. Information relating to poster can be obtained by just touching the NFC smart phone and Osaifu-keitai smart phone .
  • * Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.
  • * All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Supplementary Information

•About re:new Tohoku
The objective of the event is to cultivate overseas market by introducing regional products such as traditional craftworks and to rediscover, success, and promote recreation of Japanese craftsmanship culture with contemporary value. It aims to trigger expansion of recreation cycle that centers on brand establishment, product planning and development as well as to introduce 'North Eastern Japan Creative Power' influencing contemporary culture that lead to today's “Cool Japan” shared by all Japanese through long years of tradition.
•About IMD Inc.
IMD is a marketing company in Fukushima prefecture. The company aims to revitalize and promote regional industries by introducing regional cultures though planning and implementing events such as this one.
Head Office: 9-13 Midori-machi Koriyama-shi Fukushima Pref
Representative: Riichi Watanabe – President
•About Japanese Greats K.K.
The company's concept is to actively develop channel to introduce undiscovered Japanese masterpiece through the eyes of foreigners. Through inter-cultural communication and teams that understands overseas market the company holds events that introduce regional products in England. Furthermore, the company provides multi-language interactive marketing support environment that continuously expand and improve for long term sustaining growth.
Head Office: 402 Gran Shario Yoyogi Koen 1-37-14 Tomigaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Representative: Adam Fulford - President
Public Relations Department
General Affairs Division
1-7-3 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8311, JAPAN
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