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  • Toppan Forms Develops International Standard Compliant Battery-less E-Paper Label - ISO/IEC 15693 Compliance Expands Applications

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Toppan Forms Develops International Standard Compliant Battery-less E-Paper Label
ISO/IEC 15693 Compliance Expands Applications

September 26, 2012

Information management solution provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed a battery-less e-paper label that is compliant with international standard ISO/IEC 15693.

The battery-less e-paper label developed by Toppan Forms in May 2011 uses printed back plain circuit and controller that can be operated wirelessly. The unconventional display label uses printed circuit achieving thin and flexible form with only 0.4mm thickness. Displayed information can be re-written and sustained without using any battery.

Since information can be re-written by wirelessly, the e-paper label can remain attached to the container eliminating paper label replacement. This allows labor savings for replacing labels and prevents replacement errors. It can also help the environment by cutting printer consumables and wastes.

Furthermore, the highly durable e-paper allows the displayed barcode to be read without any problem after 10 thousand re-writes. Since no glass is used, there are no worries of breakage caused by vibrations and shocks.

It was confirmed after numerous pilot test and market study that in actual operation there were limitation issues pertaining to kinds and numbers of texts that can be displayed as well as re-writing distance.

In order to solve these issues, the company developed a new ISO/IEC 15693 compliant controller that manages wireless communication and e-paper display. This enables wireless re-writes from over 20cm away that is 3 times longer distance compared with the conventional technology. Moreover, up to 10 texts including katakana characters can be displayed allowing wider range of applications.

Products Features

  • (1)Battery-less re-writes and bi-stable display.
  • (2)Controller that complies with international standard ISO/IEC 15693
  • (3)Using standard compliant high output generic reader writer the display can be re-written 20cm away far exceeding 7cm read write distance achieved by the conventional technology.
  • (4)Re-writes can be conducted using generic hand held terminal compliant to the standard.
  • (5)By increasing the number of pins in the back plane, up to 10 text including alphanumeric and katakana characters can be displayed.

Target Market

Toppan Forms intends to market this product to the logistics, distribution, and mail order industry that need item management and expect to sell over 500 million yen including the system.

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