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Toppan Forms Provides Print-on-Demand at e-Book Commerce Site

October 10, 2012

Information management solution provider, Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) has started providing Print-on-Demand system that allow authors that publish and sells e-books online to order pinted books from quantity of one on e-book commerce and publishing platform "Puboo" operated by Booklog Inc. (Head Office Tokyo, Representative Director Kengo Yoshida).

Booklog started "Puboo"in June 2010 - a sister service that provide book review community site with approximately 55 thousand members (as of August 2012). One of its feature allows users to register on e-book shelf used by Booklog members.

Numbers of e-books published on "Puboo" are over 26 thousands mostly by amature authors. As the number of authors using "Puboo" increases, so does the requests for printed copies to be sold at various events such as amature authoor book fair and comic market. Toppan Forms by the request of "Puboo", started a service that provides printed book-on-demand from quantity of one to member authors that publish and sell their books on the platform. The service allows e-book data to be easily printed and bounded into books.

Toppan Forms taking this opportunity will cultivate personal book printing market by creating a generic platform that allows data to be received, printed, bounded, and delivered, thus contributing to growth of both e-books and printed books.

Product Specification

Size A5
Color B&W, Color
Page 8pages∼254pages
Bounding Saddle Stitch and Wrap Around
  • *“Booklog" and “Puboo" is a registered trade mark of Paperboy & Co. which is the parent company of Booklog Inc.
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