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  • Toppan Forms Earns "Japan Color Certification" Enabling Unified Color Reproduction and Standardization in a Coherent Print Process

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Earns "Japan Color Certification" Enabling Unified Color Reproduction and Standardization in a Coherent Print Process

November 26, 2012

Toppan Forms Central Products Co., Ltd. (Hachioji City, Tokyo), a subsidiary of Information Solution Company Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.(Toppan Forms hereunder), obtained the Japan Color "Standard Print Certification" provided by Japan Printing Machinery Association (JPMA) in August 1, 2010. More recently, the company earned the higher classified "Matching Certification" on July 20, 2012. Additionally, the prepress division - Planning Division PDM Center - obtained the "Proof Operation Certification" in September 26, 2012 which is the first of its kind obtained by a Toppan Printing group company enhancing Toppan Forms to continuously stabilize, sustain and improve their print and finishing quality. The certifications allow reduction of print acceptance at the plant which helps customers use their time more efficiently.

Objective for the Certification

  • (1)To implement print process based on Japan Color standard and to stabilize, sustain, and improve product quality
  • (2)To increase orders, cultivate new clients, and provide comprehensive quality assurance based on Japan Color standard

Background for Earning Certifications

The print color index is shifting towards the public color standard - namely Japan Color. Traditionally, printing companies developed print standard internally. As Japan Color certification becomes more popular, requirement to use the standard is expected to increase as the criteria for quality and order placement. To cope with this trend and to provide solid printed products to customers, Toppan Forms is further enhancing the quality improvement and assurance system.

Expected Result

  • (1)Increased customer satisfaction and improved product brand (color management, print technology, and reliable manufacturing)
  • (2)Reduction of print acceptance at the plant by the customer by standardizing color proof and print reproduction color.
  • (3)Provide reliable quality of printed products

Future Development

Toppan Forms continues to cooperate with Toppan Printing's Quality Assurance Center to promote comprehensive color standardization from prepress to printing process. As a result, Kawamoto plant was able to earn "Standard Print Certification" and "Matching Certification". The third certification – "Proof Operation Certification " - that was earned recently will promote standardization and color quality improvement of the company's products including business forms by implementing color management and color matching technology stipulated by Japan Color for business forms web printing and digital printing.

About Japan Color

Japan Color Certification System is a tool to standardize print color in Japan that has been stipulated by the Japan Printing Machine Association. It is also a standard color index for offset sheet printing that is compliant to ISO standard. It audits and certifies printing company and facility on its appropriate ability to print by targeting standardized print color in Japan designated by Japan Color. By earning such certification, it becomes a proof for appropriate printing based on print process design that complies with the stipulated print standard.

Japan Color Certification System is consisted of four certifications. Third certification is exempt for printing company.

  • (1)"Standard Print Certification" stipulates print process management ability. (Subject: Printing company)
  • (2)"Matching Certification" stipulates high level print color management ability. (Subject: Printing company)
  • (3)"Proof Equipment Certification" stipulates proof equipment's ability to stably output high quality proof (sample print output). (Subject: Proof equipment suppliers and vendors)
  • (4)"Proof Operation Certification" stipulates ability to maintain and appropriately operate individual proof equipment. (Subject: Printing company and design company)
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