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  • Toppan Forms Delivers Critical Document Management System to Chiba Bank Enabling Them to Rigorously Manage Documents

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Delivers Critical Document Management System to Chiba Bank Enabling Them to Rigorously Manage Documents

November 27, 2012

Information Solution Company Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed and delivered "Document Management System" that prevents erroneous destruction of critical documents by using RFID labels to Chiba Bank, Ltd. The system is already in full operation at the Chiba Bank Document Storage Center located in Chiba city. It uses Toppan Forms' packaged asset management software "Easy Checkout" with functional enhancements for the financial institution. To meet higher information security management requirements, it not only prevents erroneous destruction but also improves daily operational efficiency of critical documents such as rent-outs, returns and inventory.

In recent years, demands for rigorous management of critical documents are increasing due to stricter personal information protection law and corporate internal control. As a part of this trend, in order to avoid clerical risks pertaining to erroneous destruction of critical documents at the branch, increasingly companies are transferring control of such documents to centrally managed storage center. However, there is a limitation in using barcode to accurately and efficiently manage large volume of critical documents. RFID system, therefore, is increasingly being considered as a solution.

By attaching RFID labels to the document storage box and linking barcode on the document enclosed envelope "Easy Checkout" allows not only to manage them on an individual level but also on a parent and child relationship between the document storage box and document itself. The database was redesigned for the financial institution by adding items such as branch number and account book issuing year. Moreover, user interface such as button position and text size are designed with considerations to operators in the Document Storage Center. Using this case as a catalyst, Toppan Forms aims to sell over 500 million Yen in 2015 by marketing it to the financial institutions such as credit unions and regional banks.

System Features

  • (1)Reduce Burden of Inventory Counting
    By reading the shelf barcode label, the handheld terminal displays the logical inventory of the storage box on the shelf enabling efficient inventory count by matching it to the RFID data label on the storage box that was read in one batch.
  • (2)Prevention of Erroneous Destruction
    Erroneous destruction is prevented by multiple layer of checking at different stages by reading RFID label on the storage box with handheld terminal when it is taken out from the shelf and before it is handed over to the destruction company.
  • (3)Easy and Accurate Audit Trail Management
    Speedy tracking of document location and operational history are made possible by using RFID label to accurately record storage, rent-out, return, and destruction.
  • (4)Integration with Other Systems
    It integrates with Chiba bank's main system to register document information from each branch.
  • (5)Manage by Linking Storage Box and Document
    Rigorous management to prevent loss and storage error is made possible by linking RFID data on the storage box with barcode on documents.

System Configuration

  • (1)System
    a.Document management application (server and client PC)
    b.Rent-out, return, destruction, and inventory count recording application (Handheld Terminal)
  • (2)Hardware
    a.PC server and client PC
    b.Handheld terminal to record rent-out, return, destruction, and Inventory count.
    c.RFID label printer
  • (3)Media
    a.RFID labels for document storage box
    b.Barcode label for document envelope
  • *"Easy Checkout" is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
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