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  • Toppan Forms Provides Logistic Asset Management Software "LogiViewer" in a Cloud Environment to Spark Up Small Scale Users' Demand at Low Price

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Provides Logistic Asset Management Software "LogiViewer" in a Cloud Environment to Spark Up Small Scale Users' Demand at Low Price

December 6, 2012

Information Solution Company Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) on November 30, 2012 has started to market a low priced system using RFID to manage the status and location of logistic supplies such as folding containers and pallets. Aimed to spark up new demand, the packaged software "LogiViewer" developed by the company will be provided in a SaaS model.

In the past, small scale users could not implement logistic asset management system due to high intial investment cost and burdensome operation management. In the SaaS model customers can implement the system under one million yen annually including intial set up cost which will widen its adoption. The standard service model starts at 35,000 yen and in the case of 500 tagged assets such as folding containers and pallets, the system can be implemented starting at 950,000 yen for the first year. While the application model is different, the initial adoption cost can be under one fifth of the conventional implementation.

Since it is provided as a SaaS, the system is scalable allowing implementation to start at a minimum level to gradually be scaled as management scope expands. Number of assets and users can easily be verified and added via the web for easy management adoption.

In the logistic and distribution industry more logistic supplies are being replaced to re-usable products due to environmental reasons. It is, therefore, becoming increasingly important to reduce loss caused by misplacment or abandoment by accuratly monitoring location, stock, and usage frequency to efficiently circluate the supplies.

LogiViewer Operation Flow

System Features

  • (1)Lower Intial Investment Cost
    LogiViewer can be used as a SaaS without owning a server.
  • (2)Increased Convenience
    SaaS allows online maintenance which eliminates server maintenance.
  • (3)Realtime
    Data can be sent from handheld terminal in the field to the cloud server via 3G cell phone communication network allowing realtime data reflection.
  • (4)Mobile Communication
    LogiViewer can be accessed via the web browser on tablet terminal and smart phone.
  • (5)Can accomodate UHF RFID frequency change

Future Development

Toppan Forms aims to market to 300 small scale users by 2015. Futhermore, Toppan Forms will strengthen its market competitivness by providing one stop solution from advance verification to system implementation since UHF tags placed on logistic supplies needs to be tested for metal compatibility.

  • *"LogiViewer" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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