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  • Toppan Forms Markets High End Desktop Sealer Model "PRESSLE Bee A3 Type" - Capable to Handle Two and Three Fold A3 Size for Health Check Report -

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Toppan Forms Markets High End Desktop Sealer Model "PRESSLE Bee A3 Type"
- Capable to Handle Two and Three Fold A3 Size for Health Check Report -

February 13, 2013

Information Management Solution Company Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. has started marketing the high end desktop sealer model "PRESSLE Bee A3 Type" on February 13.
"PRESSLE Bee A3 Type" is a dedicated cut sheet sealer that can fold and pressure seal A3 size forms. The new desktop machine can handle A3 size which traditionally could be handled only by larger machines.


In recent years, A3 two/three fold format is becoming more popular for clinical health check report to satisfy the need for cohesive information, improved readability, comprehension, and readability.

Health check report is generally sent in a concealed envelope due to its confidentiality. However, because of its large size, A3 format needs to be folded, checked, and inserted into the envelope manually one by one making it an extremely complex operation.


"PRESSLE Bee A3 Type" frees the complexity related to manual folding and enveloping operation by automating A3 size two/three fold and pressure sealing process. The processable sizes are A4, A3, envelope type, and overall pressure type. Efficiency and cost reduction can be achieved by automating and shortening the process flow. Moreover, a less expensive and compact machine with similar function to the larger one is now available for those customers who previously passed to make purchase consideration due to the high cost and large footprint.

Future Plans

Health check report, by its nature, must be reported promptly with care to protect the personal information. Therefore, clinics that conduct health check will also generally print and deliver the report themselves. The company plans to sell 200 million yen by 2014 to target markets such as hospitals, healthcare, and health check clinic organizations industries.


Size W910mm×D770mm×H670mm
Weight 110kg (Not including the stand)
Power Single Phase 100V 50/60Hz 15A
Form Size A4 - A3 (Width:210/297mm, Depth:210~420mm)
Process Format A4 Size Form A3 Size Form
•Z Fold Envelope
•C Fold Envelope
•Vertical POSTEX (2 Imposition)
•Horizontal POSTEX (2 Imposition)
•POSTEX with Duplicate Slip (Three Fold)
•V Fold Envelope/POSTEX
•Z, C Fold Envelope/POSTEX
•Z Fold Three Face POSTEX
Maximum Process Speed •Z Fold Envelope: 68 pcs/min
•C Fold Envelope: 68 pcs/min
•Vertical POSTEX (2 Imposition): 116 pcs/min
•Horizontal POSTEX (2 Imposition): 116 pcs/min
•POSTEX with Duplicate Slip (Three Fold): 68 pcs/min
•V Fold Envelope/POSTEX: 40 pcs/min
•Z, C Fold Envelope/POSTEX 40 pcs/min
•Z Fold Three Face POSTEX 120 pcs/min
[Optional slitter necessary]
Paper Pressure Sealing Paper: Bond Paper 81.4GSM - 104.7GSM (Z, C Fold)
POSTEX Paper: V Fold, Duplicate Slip Z Fold
Paper Feed Capacity On Edge Method 180mm Stackable
(500 pcs for Z Fold Envelope and V Fold Postcard)
Function One Piece Process, Hand Feed Process, Process Piece Counter, Preset Counter, Automatic Power Off
Peripheral Dedicated Stand

Price 2,050,000 (Yen/unit)(excl. Tax)

  • [About Sealer]
    A name of a machine that process pressure sealing post card (POSTEX) and envelope that are widely used for statements and invoice. POSTEX can print three to four times more information on the print surface compared to normal postcard.
  • *"PRESSLE" and "POSTEX" is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
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