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  • Canon MJ Hand Held Terminal and POS will be Compatible to Toppan Forms Payment Service "Thincacloud" Enabling the Use of e-Money Payment Service from April

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Canon MJ Hand Held Terminal and POS will be Compatible to Toppan Forms Payment Service "Thincacloud" Enabling the Use of e-Money Payment Service from April

March 04, 2013

Toppan Forms Payment Service Co., Ltd.

Starting April this year, hand held terminal and hand held payment POS package software from Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo Japan, Representative Director & President: Masami Kawasaki, Canon MJ hereunder) will be compatible to e-Money payment platform service "Thincacloud"*1 provided by Toppan Forms Payment Service Co., Ltd. (Head Office; Tokyo Japan, Representative Director & President; Jiro Kurobane, TFPS hereunder) which is a Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) group company that operates e-Money payment platform business using NFC*2 technology. This will expand the base for electronic payment by allowing low cost e-Money payment environment anywhere where internet connection is available.

Two hand held terminal models "PRea AT-100" and "PRea AT-3300" will be compatible to "Thincacloud" from Canon MJ. "AT-100" is mere16mm thick inclusive of laser scanner. The base model is the smallest and lightest of its kind weighing only 180g. "AT-3300" is a hand held terminal developed for the retail industry such as department stores, specialty retail shops, and restaurants allowing quick card payment process on the spot without going to the cash register. It can process conventional credit card payment as well as smart card credit payment that is becoming popular. Both terminals feature NFC and network functionality which allows low cost e-Money payment process by becoming compatible to "Thincacloud".
Also, "POS-TABLE" packaged software enables normal PC to become compatible to "Thincacloud". By combining with PRea AT series, merchants can easily adopt e-Money payment system where space are limited to install POS register or in an outdoor environment.

TFPS has been working with various terminal manufacturers to develop generic terminal compatible to "Thicacloud". Canon MJ continuously plans to release hand held terminal compatible to "Thincacloud".
TFPS aims to sell 4 billion yen in 2015 through the group companies by strengthening cooperation with various terminal manufacturers and e-money providers to develop an e-money payment platform that can be adopted and used widely by users and merchants with low cost burden.

Endorsement by Canon MJ

Canon MJ is proud to announce that our hand held terminal and POS package "POS-TABLE" are compatible to cloud based e-Money payment platform provided by TFPS. "Thincacloud" expands the business possibility by enabling e-Money payment on the spot where internet connection is available. We look forward to the development of the advanced technology that improves convenience to customers and lowering cost.

TFPS will conduct the joint demonstration at "NFC & Smart WORLD 2013" to be held at Tokyo Bigsight on March 5 through 8 2013.

  • *1 Cloud based payment platform service "Thincacloud"
    Unlike conventional terminal that process encryption on the terminal side upon payment, the service encripts on the server side enabling e-Money payment using generic terminal that eliminates the need for high cost dedicated terminal.
  • *2 NFC: Abbibiation of Near Field Communication.
  • * Payment service provided by TFPS operated by "VX-100" will be demonstrated at Hewett Packard Japan and Toppan Forms joint booth at "NFC & Smart WORLD 2013" to be held for 4 days between March 5 through 4, 2013 at "Tokyo Bigsight".
  • * "Thinkcacloud" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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