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  • Personalized Direct Mail that Offers Autonomy of Branch and Conformity Required by the Head Office - ASP Service Targets Enterprise with Chain Store Operations

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Personalized Direct Mail that Offers Autonomy of Branch and Conformity Required by the Head Office
ASP Service Targets Enterprise with Chain Store Operations

March 14, 2013

Information management solution provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. will be providing an ASP service – STRAFLOW – that allows clients to create, order, and manage personalized direct mail unique to each branch store and sales office.

STRAFLOW is developed for large enterprise with chain store operation nation wide. The head office prepares parts to create direct mails such as base design template, company name, logo, and multiple background images. This enforces brand image comformity, prevent excess stockage, promote local uniqueness of each branch office and sales office, and create personalized DM based on attributes of the recepient. Individual print content such as recepient's address can be confirmed as variable print via the web that enables clients to use Toppan Forms' high speed production digital printing facility as it is their own.
Log Trail is available as an option to collect access history of client's cutomer induction from DM to the web. Marketing campaign that connects paper DM and internet can be measured.

Service Overview

Service Feature

  • 1. DM rendering personalized address and contents can be easily created and ordered
    Customer barcode can be automatically generated, and each piece of DM with varied contents can be created based on pre-determined condition.
    [Function Image]

    Function Image

  • 2. Can be used in combination with Log Trail
    Effectiveness of DM can be measured after it has been mailed out. It can be used for a short period market research at low cost.
  • 3. Name and address data managed by clients can be used and set directly by item sequence or item quantity.
    Name & address data can be used directly without any processing. Toppan Forms will handle the setting of name & address for STRAFLOW to eliminate the cumbersome processing for the client.
  • 4. Flexibly correspond to client's operation process
    Base function can meet the followings
    •Design DM before name & address data is composed
    •Upload name & address to a particular person
    •Change approver flexibly by campaign

Service Specification

Service Method ASP Service
Service Name STRAFLOW
Initial Fee From 750,000 Yen (750,000 No of Registerd Product Type)
Service Usage Fee 100,000 Yen/Month (User:50, Registerd Data:0.5GB)
Design/Print Fee Furnished by Quotation
Remarks 24 Hours Service Provision
* with following exceptions
 •Call center customer service is weekday only
 •Temporary suspension of the system due to orde information update
 •Supsension due to technical hitch
Preparation time till operation: One month after specification is finalized

Future Direction

Toppan Forms will promote the service to distribution, retail, chain store industries with a target to start operation for ten companies and sales of 500 million yen in 2015.

  • * QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.
  • * STRAFLOW and LogTrail are registered trade marks of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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