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  • "Mechacool" for Medical that Lasts for 300 Hours! Achieves Long Hours Hemathermal Transporation for Health Care and Medical Use That Lasts 5.6 Times the Conventional Product

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"Mechacool" for Medical that Lasts for 300 Hours !
Achieves Long Hours Hemathermal Transporation for Health Care and Medical Use That Lasts 5.6 Times the Conventional Product

April 26, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. developed a temperature sustentation technology utilizing high functional refrigerant ”Mechacool” that lasts, at the maximum, 5.6 times longer than the conventional healthcare and medical hemathermal transportation method. The long hour hemathermal transportation expands the mode of transportation to areas where only sea freights are possible as well as lowering the cost by providing options to use modes other than airfreight. The product will be sold starting today.

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Toppan Forms has been selling "Mechacool" for Medical since October last year. In case of long hours transportation such as overseas freight, where the mode changes from land to air and vice versa, additional refrigerant or dry ice had to be added into the transportation box or be replaced with a different box. This cumbersome operation and issues related to stable temperature sustainability heightened the need for a transportation box that can sustain constant temperature for long hours. Toppan Forms developed a refrigerant box that is less affected by the ambient temperature compared to conventional products by improving its material and structure. When the ambient temperature is -20℃, the box interior can be sustained at 2℃ to 8℃ temperature range for 300 hours (12 days). This eliminates adding refrigerant and dry ice, and replacing with a different box, even when land, sea, and air shipment modes are combined, allowing healthcare medical product shipment at a constant temperature for long hours.

Future Roadmap

With a goal to sell 1 billion yen until Fiscal year 2014, Toppan Forms aims provide "Mechacool" for Medical and related solutions for temperature controlled transportation applications in the medical sector where strict quality control is required, and to clients requiring air freight transportation.

* "Mechacool" for Medical is a hemathermal transport solution with two temperature range (refriguration 2℃ to 8℃ and Room 15℃ to 25℃) that combines highly functional refrigerant "Mechacool" and dedicated cool box with special pockets. The refrigerant is the first of its kind in the industry that is certificated by the Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai to be “non-classified as flammable object” making it safe to use for transportation.


  • 1. 2℃ to 8℃ temperature range can be sustained for 175 hours (7 days) at 40℃ ambient temperature *1
  • 2. 2℃ to 8℃ temperature range can be sustained for 300 hours (12 days) at -20℃ ambient temperature*1
  • 3. Not classified as dangerous item designated by UN law (Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai) allowing the use on ships and airplanes (conditions varies by airline).
  • 4. Name and logo can be printed on the box and temperature/delivery acceptance history management system are optionally available.
  • *1 The result is based on test method designated by Toppan Forms. Result may change depending on temperature and transportation environment.
  • * "Mechacool" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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