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  • Free Program Allows Information Editing and Efficient Coordination Inhouse ID Card Issuing System at 1/3 the Price

Press Releases

Free Program Allows Information Editing and Efficient Coordination
Inhouse ID Card Issuing System at 1/3 the Price

August 13, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed a program "ID Kobo Assist" that automatically edits and coordinates ID card information for ID (IC) card for multiple applications such as company and student ID. The program is bundled free of charge into Toppan Forms' ID card issuing system. This allows ID cards issuing system to be operated efficiently within the company at 1/3 the price (Approx. 2 million yen).


More companies are operating ID card issuing system internally due to the strict personal information protection. Additionally, single ID card is being used for multiple applications such as personal verification at the copy machine and time management system requiring additional issuing and information records to be constantly made. However,information registered into ID cards conventionally have been different by equipment maker requiring advance editing. Price of equipment with such automatic editing features usually costed above 5 to 6 million yen. With any system at a lower price level, information had to be entered one by one, and registration was made individually using USB memory. The free bundled program will improve the burden of operating the system internally.

 How it works

Future Roadmap

Toppan Forms is ready to meet a wide range of requirements of customers related to ID card issuing from small scale internal issuing system to the high volume outsourcing. By providing a newly developed free bundle software, the company will market to companies and educational institutions such as university where ID cards are issued. Toppan Forms sales target for the ID issuing system is 30 million yen.


  • 1. Same features of competitors' equipment at 1/3 the price.
  • 2. Interface allowing setting by users such as data editing.
  • 3. Cumbersome manual editing when creating data for card issuing not necessary.
  • 4. Elimination of data import error with data check feature (number of items, maximum number of text, date).
  • 5. Significant administrative labor savings using editing and coordination features of data issuing.
  • * "ID Kobo" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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