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  • Toppan Forms Co-develops LED Sign "A TERASU" with Phosphorescence Creates a Sign that Continues to Glow During Power Outage

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Toppan Forms Co-develops LED Sign "A TERASU" with Phosphorescence
Creates a Sign that Continues to Glow During Power Outage

September 19, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder), TRi TERASU Co., Ltd. (TRi TERASU hereunder), and Jesco Co., Ltd. (Jesco hereunder) co-developed LED (Light Emitting Diode) sign "A TERASU" with phosphorescence and will start marketing in the beginning of October, 2013.

"A TERASU" is a thin luminating sign with invisible phosphorescence color on the surface that combines phosphorescence material, LED, and light-guiding plate. When the LED is on, the panel surface luminate in white and does not impair the surface design of the film (see photo). Normally, it can be used as a decorative sign in buildings and malls. When there is a power outage, phosphorescence panel continues to glow for 7 hours. Currently phosphorescence is used mainly for guiding light and novelties. An application unavailable previously is developed By combining Toppan Forms' "Rare TERASU" phosphorescent material, TRi TERASU's light-guiding plate technology, and Jesco's LED display expertise. The product will be custom made at the price of 250,000 yen for one unit of B1 size. Fee for the design film are separate.

An unconventional product for Toppan Forms will be marketed to commercial and public facilities directly or in cooperation with Jesco with sales objective of 1 billion yen by 2016.

White when LED is on(L)phosphorescense glows when light is off(R)


  • 1. Unconventional decorative light
  • 2. Effective guiding light for safety and evacuation during power outage.
  • 3. When LED light is on, the phosphorescence is invisible to the eye and does not impair the design.
  • 4. Energy saving decorative light.
  • 5. Can be applied to advertisement and signage.

TRi TERASU Co., Ltd.

  • Business Domain
    Development, manufacturing, and sales of illumination products
  • Address
    Suda-cho Sashida Building 3F 2-5-2 Kanda Suda-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo HQ)
  • Representative Director
    Mitsuhide Sakamoto
  • Established
    June 2010

Jesco Co., Ltd.

  • Business Domain
    Sales of electronic parts, LED lighting products, LED display system
  • Address
    Sakai Building 2F 2-19-8 Kanda Suda-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
  • Representative Director
    Issei Tanaka
  • Established
    March 1987
  • * "Rare TERASU" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * Product names indicated are registered trademark or trademark of each company.
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