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  • Toppan Forms Develops Procurement Managing System "T-PLAN Solo" That Singnificantly Reduces Installation Cost with Cloud Service

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Develops Procurement Managing System "T-PLAN Solo" That Singnificantly Reduces Installation Cost with Cloud Service

December 2, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed "T-PLAN Solo" cloud service that supports customer's procurement management via the internet. The service, which will start in April 2014, improves efficiency and reduces the cost of customer's forms/office supplies delivery request, ship-in/ship-out management, inventory management, and ordering operations via the web. In cooperation with the customer's designated suppliers and warehouse, the service allows the customer to continue using the conventional transaction environment and improve administrative efficiency through unified information management. Since the service is provided via the cloud, the customer can start with only initial setting and operation fee eliminating the need to purchase hardware or software. The company targets sales of 100 million yen in 2014 and 300 million yen in 2015.

Background and Future Roadmap

Toppan Forms has been providing comprehensive outsourcing management service for procurement operation. Through this service, the company learned that there is a strong need for the customer to improve administrative operation efficiency through systemizing management operation. Hence, procurement function that organizes delivery request of forms from branch offices were bundled into a package, allowing administrative and management department to issue a purchase order with a simple approval on the display. Toppan Forms will promote the service to regional banks and credit union that have strong ties with local companies.


  • 1. Uniformed Management of Information Related to Procurement Operation
    Operations related to delivery request, approval, inventory management, and order placement to vendors can be efficiently conducted via the web
  • 2. Cloud Service
    Installation is easy without purchasing any hardware and software.
  • 3. Outsourcing Service
    Can be used in conjunction with the current comprehensive procurement operation outsourcing.
  • * "T-PLAN Solo" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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