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  • Toppan Forms Markets Packaged Delivery and Non-Delivery Management Service of One Time Password Display Device for the Online Banking Sector

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Markets Packaged Delivery and Non-Delivery Management Service of One Time Password Display Device for the Online Banking Sector

December 26, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) will start providing packaged delivery and non-delivery management business process outsourcing (BPO) service of one time password display device for online banking. OTP token that displays password valid for single use only is effective in reducing the risk of its improper use by a third person during a fund transfer. It is expected that more financial institutions will distribute OTP token to new customers that open bank accounts. Delivery of these tokens, however, are difficult since their quantity can fluctuate between several thousand to only a few. A specific expertise is necessary to address customer service and re-dispatching when the customer is not home in a secure manner. BPO company that can accurately handle such continuous operation is limited. Toppan Forms has been providing comprehensive delivery operation for OTP token supplied by the financial institution. To address the increasing complexity of BPO needs for delivery operation, the company will organize an OTP token delivery and non-delivery management outsourcing system within Hino Center (Hino City, Tokyo) that started operation at the end of October this year. Hino center is a leading edge BPO center with ample floor space and solid security functions that provide quick response and high quality service. For the next five years starting 2014, Toppan Forms will target 2 billion yen sales in the OTP token delivery related business for online banking.

Service Model Overview


According to the metropolitan police department, damages from illegal fund transfer of online banking this year (YTD November) have risen to 1.2 billion yen that are four times larger than the 300 million yen in 2011 which was the worst in the history. To address this situation, the Japanese Banking Association in November issued a document regarding "Illegal Fund Transfer Pertaining to Online Banking" calling its member financial institutions to provide OTP service that issue password for an individual transaction. As more customers demand for a safe online banking environment, the OTP token delivery and non-delivery management operation is becoming increasingly burdensome for institutions. Toppan Forms, through its experience in supporting clients by delivering notices and improving business forms will start to provide an OTP token delivery and non-delivery management service that focuses on online banking with integrated Data Print Service (DPS) and BPO business systems.


  • 1. Procurement and inventory management of various OTP tokens
  • 2. Secure delivery of individual OTP token information in cooperation with the manufacturer
  • 3. Daily delivery process allowing one stop processing and the next day delivery
  • 4. Non-delivery process for recipient not present at home or for any other reasons
  • 5. Contact center that can address customer service via FAX, phone, and email
  • 6. Transparent outsourced operation by providing reports on delivery information and Inventory information of devices
  • 7. Delivery of related notice documents

Feature Roadmap

Toppan Forms' BPO business, one pillar of the company's growth strategy, is highly evaluated by many clients including financial institutions for the integrated service covering business forms and DPS at the core and their peripheral services. Using the accumulated expertise, the company will expand the business by providing packaged solutions that are user friendly to focused industries and operations.

  • * "DPS" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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