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  • Order ID Card Over Smartphone and Tablet Toppan Forms Launches "ID Shokunin Smart" Cloud Service that Improves Operation Efficiency

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Order ID Card Over Smartphone and Tablet
Toppan Forms Launches "ID Shokunin Smart" Cloud Service that Improves Operation Efficiency

December 26, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) will start marketing first in the industry "ID Shokunin Smart" cloud service starting January 2014 that allows easy ID card issuing by simply uploading necessary data to the dedicated website using smartphone and tablet.


ID cards and name badges for part time workers are generally created and managed by human resource department at the head office. Information documents sent from stores and factories are normally organized and manually entered into PC. Convenience store and restaurant industries with many retail outlet locations have many employees of which majorities are part time workers. The nature of high turnover of these employees makes ID card and name badge issuing operation highly cumbersome. Moreover, since many part time workers start working immediately after they are hired, a system that can distribute ID cards and name badge in a short time frame is required.


  • 1. The cloud service is free of charge requiring no dedicated application to install.
  • 2. Data entry check feature eliminates the need to match text data with photo image. A novice can issue cards with ease without training.
  • 3. Order lead time can be checked over the web.
  • 4. Log-in ID and password synchronized with the database simplify data entry operation.
  • 5. It can be used in conjunction with time card management system.
  • 6. Data received from "ID Shokunin Smart" the next day can create cards quickly and cost effectively by dedicated a high speed card issuing machine.

Supplimentary Information and Feature Roadmap

Toppan Forms has been providing "ID Shokunin" solution to address ID card outsourcing service for small quantity orders in a quick manner. The development of "ID Shokunin Smart" provides administrative efficiency in ID card, name badge, and time card management system for those clients that already have been using ID cards or passed up ID cards with photo image due to the hassle of obtaining face photographs. In the future, Toppan Forms will expand "ID Shokunin Smart" applications to name cards used by house call service and construction field workers. The company targets 500 million yen sales for 2015 in the distribution industry's name card market.

  • * "ID Shokunin" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * "Mobile Payroll" is a registered trademark of Hitachi Solution West Japan, Ltd.
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