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  • Toppan Forms provides "Point Card Total Solution" Service Aims to become your Solution Partner in the Age of Omni-channel

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Toppan Forms provides "Point Card Total Solution" Service
Aims to become your Solution Partner in the Age of Omni-channel

January 20, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) will launch a cloud based service called “Point Card Total Solution” in February 2014 that significantly lightens the operation burden related to point service for retail and chain stores. In addition to system services such as managing membership data and points, email newsletter editing & delivery, and building e-commerce website, Toppan Forms will provide one stop solutions that include card issuing operations, customer information analysis, and direct mail creation & delivery. Since only few companies can handle integrated service covering system operations to sales promotion activities, the solution will reduce the hassles and costs of having to work with multiple vendors on a project basis. Major players in the retail and distribution industry facing issues pertaining to the shrinking market due to national population decline, concerns on slowing economy due to a consumption tax increase, and competition from e-commerce players, announced that they will implement omni-channel marketing that combine real environment with internet. Toppan Forms will aim to become a solution partner in the age of omni-channel marketing by providing printing and information managing technologies.

As for the service fee, there will be an initial set up fee of 2.2 million yen and monthly application usage fee of 700,000 yen excluding customization. Toppan Forms will mainly target retail, restaurant, and mid-size retail chain stores, with target sales of 1 billion yen for three years including peripheral business.


Today, many companies provide point services to retain customers, and its size exceeded 1 trillion yen in 2013 according to our study. On the another hand, advancement in information communication technologies, handling of personal information, and having to take security measures, are all contributing to the increase of operation cost and management burden, and needs for outsourcing are increasing accordingly to reduce them. Moreover, there are many cases where CRM activities using collected customer data is not sufficiently conducted. Toppan Forms has a solid experience of handling personal information through the provision of Data Print Service (DPS). By providing a comprehensive contract service covering from system operation to customer follow ups, clients can reduce the risk of having to outsource personal information to multiple vendors, and can implement low burden and continuous CRM activities.


  • 1. One stop solution combining Toppan Forms services that encompass issuance of smart card in conjunction with DPS and DM.
  • 2. Comprehensive loyalty marketing support that covers membership solicitation by distributing low cost cards, collecting membership information through hand written, tablet, and web application forms, customer point management.
  • 3. Digital technologies covering cross media marketing such as variable printed DM, email, and web, e-commerce and smart phone combination, and 020 marketing.
  • 4. Lighten burden by outsourcing system operation and management to Toppan Forms and reduction of risk related to personal information leakage.
  • 5. Provision of e-money payment infrastructure.
  • *"DPS" is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
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