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  • Toppan Forms Builds Forms Viewing Service "WebBureau" Provides Integrated Paper and Web Environment at Low Price and Short Lead Time

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Builds Forms Viewing Service "WebBureau" Provides Integrated Paper and Web Environment at Low Price and Short Lead Time

March 25, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) has built a cloud based transactional document viewing service that integrates paper and web. Using the document web viewing expertise nurtured through developing customized system catering to client companies' individual needs, the web viewing service can be provided in a short lead time at low cost. "WebBureau" allows viewing transactional documents on the web in the same format as the printed paper version. When the client sends paper documents to their customers, the customer service center can view them in the same format. It can also quickly adapt to the change in clients' business environment. In the first phase, Toppan Forms will package three applications that include (1) invoice viewing (2) PDF for call center and (3) digital issuance for regional banks and credit unions. Packaging these services allows the operating cost to be reduced in half, and the installation lead time reduced to three weeks, which is 1/6, compared to the customized version. All document web viewing service is integrated with the conventional Data Print Service (DPS) and is flexible so that it can be combined with the conventional web service that clients have already built.

Service Overview


Requests by client companies to send both paper and electronic communications or convert them from paper to electronic are increasing recently. Toppan Forms, as a leading company of DPS, prints many business forms and variable data transactional documents using customer information such as address and names borrowed from client companies. Using the nurtured expertise, Toppan Forms developed a beneficial service that provides appropriate formats for different needs, such as electronic delivery for ecological and cost advantage, and paper documents for easier reading and handling.


  • ■ Invoice Viewing
    ・Electronically display each transactional document such as invoice to reduce cost and optimize operation.
    ・Can be used for clients in all industries including manufacturing, distribution and others.
    ・Improve service for inquiry from end customers.
  • ■ PDF Viewer for Call Centers
    ・Single sign-on within client agency's system as a standard feature.
    ・PDF viewing control and management per agency.
    ・PDF in the same format as paper allows better service at the customer call center.
  • ■ Electronic Issuance (Viewing) for Regional Bank and Credit Union
    ・Integrates entirely with internet banking service.
    ・Can be used seamlessly by single sign-on within conventionally installed system.

Future Direction

Toppan Forms will aim an 800 million yen sales in fiscal year 2014 for digital messaging solution (DMS) including forms digitization service by developing digital information management service that leverage the company's strength in the print business.

  • * DMS is an outsourcing service that provides various communications such as business mail and direct mail in an optimum electronic format for the receiver.
  • * "DPS" is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
  • * "WebBureau" is currently under application for trademark registration.
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